John Sununu and Newt Gingrich visit The Dana Show

Today on KFTK's The Dana Show, prominent GOP shills John Sununu and Newt Gingrich visited her radio show.

From the 09.21.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

Jeremy Stalh at Slate on Loesch's on and off again support of Akin:

With the final deadline for Todd Akin to attempt to have his name removed from the Missouri Senate ballot fast approaching, it will be interesting to see which of the Republicans who disowned him after last month’s disastrous “legitimate rape” comments re-embrace Akin once there is officially no way to get him out of the race.
The calls from the conservative pundit class for Akin to drop out have always been incredibly cynical, with many admitting that they wanted Akin out because of fear he would cost the party a seat that it would otherwise win, and potentially the Senate, and not because of any objection to what he said. None have seemed more calculated—while at the same time pretending to be principled—than Dana Loesch. 
The CNN contributor and Breitbart editor was one of Akin’s earliest and fiercest defenders, but ultimately threw him under the bus just like the rest of the right-wing commentariat. I was captivated by Loesch’s response to L’Affaire Akin in the days after the gaffe, because it was fascinating to watch her position on Akin slowly evolve.
Loesch’s Twitter account was like a real-time barometer of Akin’s falling position within the party, but appearing on a weird 24-hour delay. Since she came out so strongly on the side that Akin’s gaffe was being overblown by liberals when the story first broke, Loesch would have looked foolish had she abandoned Akin as quickly as the rest of the right did. 
But Loesch, a Missourian herself, ultimately did come around to “withdrawing her support” for Todd Akin. And now, with four days to go until Tuesday’s deadline to ask to be removed from the ballot, it appears as though Loesch is one of the first on the right to welcome him back into the fold.
Finally, with one hour and 15 minutes left in Akin’s deadline to withdraw without difficulty and after Akin rejected Romney’s calls to quit the race, Loesch joined the chorus of right-wing pundits saying it would be better for Republicans for Akin to leave the race and that he should do what was right for the party:
After all that, I’m still not sure whether Dana Loesch has yet fully recommitted her support to Todd Akin, but I do know that I bug her. It’s also clear that she thinks the GOP should back Akin again, and I’m guessing that if she hasn’t made her own support official yet, she will soon. Once we reach Tuesday’s final deadline for Akin to get his name off of the ballot, don’t expect her to be the last one to change her mind on the subject.

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