How Dana Loesch critiques St. Louis's Labor Day Parade: She demonizes unions and the OWS movement

Labor Day, a time where labor union groups celebrate their hard-workingness and widely considered the symbolic end of the Summer season, is a time to celebrate the labor movement in America.

Dana Loesch (like the rest of the RWNJs and the #TCOT Brigade), on the other hand, wants to use Labor Day as a way to scapegoat and trash on unions and even take cheap shots at the OWS movement.

Big Government:

Even though Labor Day was created to honor all workers, it seems St. Louis public sector workers believe that the holiday is theirs exclusively. The theme that St. Louis labor used for their Labor Day Parade was borrowed from the criminal Occupy movement: We are the 99%.  
In reality, they are the 11% considering that just that small number of the workforce is unionized labor, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But hey, math. You wouldn't know it watching them march through the streets; it seemed the goal of the parade was to attack private sector workers. It was a blatantly political event, with support for Democrat candidates evident throughout the parade and parade-goer signs repeating the "you didn't build that" refrain which has cost President Obama support from small business owners. 

I'm not sure why non-union private sector workers are demonized by big labor when they private sector is burdened with the responsibility of their own overhead plus the cost of the public sector. When union bosses like Trumka, Stern, and Hoffa Jr. support the policies of an administration that has caused 41 straight months of +8% unemployment and a devalued American dollar, it's difficult for the private sector to meet the demands placed upon them -- especially when they were deliberately excluded from having any say whatsoever in the negations. Union bosses and politicians game the system to foster resentment towards the private sector when they can't meet the demands made of them by the same bosses and politicians. 
The Mayor has been very tolerant of the criminal Occupy movement in St. Louis, even after they vandalized numerous historic structures and even vandalized the homes of city employees as retribution for the city ending their hipster camping demonstration downtown. 
Being in a union is patriotic, and being a teabagging liar is not.

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