Deranged Right-wing kooks still smearing me for telling the truth about Dana Loesch

Yet another edition of Dana Loesch and her demented twitter followers coming after me simply because I am willing to call her lies out.

Here are some of the tweets that Loesch and the #TCOT brigade are making baseless attacks about me:

Dana Loesch still repeating baseless lies about me:

Top Loesch BFF @Jimi971 still making lies about me:
Hey dumbass, I do NOT live with my mom.

@DFaninFla is lying about my religion by falsely accusing me of being a "Muslim."

Maybe it is time to fess up and admit that I was wrong.

 Apology statement: I know it is too late to take it all back, but if I had an opportunity to do so, I would've never posted those shameful and immature pure anger-based tweets to my sworn enemy Dana Loesch. I know saying stuff such as "head sewn off," "burn in Hell," "hang her from the goalposts," and other physical threats directed towards her and the racist attack against Jason Derulo are wrong and not becoming of my liberal, progressive, Democratic, or Christian values. Even if I apologize, at least some of these same people who are attacking me will say "sorry, it's too late." They will also attack me just for being a committed liberal. So, it is time that I grow up and admit what I did on twitter back in 2010 and early 2011 was wrong and foolish for me to do.

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