#MOSen's Claire McCaskill correctly calls out Dana Loesch for being an "Akin Operative"

After tonight's debate, incumbent Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D) correctly called the clueless moron KFTK 97.1 FM radio host Dana Loesch an "Akin operative."

Loesch asked McCaskill a "clown question."

Fellow right-wing kook Jim Hoft defended Loesch, via the Gateway Pundit:

Senator Claire McCaskill did not like Dana’s question about her husband Joe Shepard cutting deals in the Senate Dining Room…So she attacked her.This was after the debate in the media room.
Windbag Akin shill Loesch filmed and recorded McCaskill's question:

I’ve been called a Nazi, a bigot, a Klansman, a racist, but never an “operative.”
Quit being a crybaby, Dana!

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