#MOSen: Dana Loesch still pushing a non-scandal to baselessly attack McCaskill

Akin/GOP operative Dana Loesch is still whining about "the media's being in the tank for Claire McCaskill" by pushing a non-existent "scandal."

She baselessly accuses the "Missouri Media of being lapdogs for McCaskill and the Democrats":

Today the most SCANDALOSO of stories broke in the Missouri senate race: Once upon a time, Todd Akin was arrested for a peaceful protest outside of an abortion clinic. He was arrested because he blocked the doorsSalon and the Huffington Post, two bastions of objective media, ran with the story; Salon went further and reported another scandal: Todd Akin once sent a letter to a public militia event which complimented the patriotism of the peaceful citizens exercising their Second Amendment
Scandalous, indeed. You see, the Second Amendment is reviled by the left and the simple exercise thereof invokes lefty comparisons to domestic terrorists while their ideology refuses to identify actual terrorism
It’s clear that the Missouri media has no interest in reporting on the developments in the Missouri Senate race if it’s unrelated to re-electing Claire McCaskill. So why don’t you hold them to the standards of the journalism they claim? Here is a handy comprehensive list (still expanding with the addition of individual reporters soon) of MO media on Twitter to start.

I hate to break this to you, Dana: almost all of the left does NOT hate the 2nd Amendment.

Some more of the juvenile and stupid tweets that Loesch put out to intimidate the media into her phony non-story:

She even attacks Sheryl Crow, who also happens to be from Missouri:

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