Dana Loesch smears and misgenders Chelsea Manning

Reckless transphobic mouthpiece Dana Loesch-- who hosts a radio show on Radio America (which is now broadcasting on 1260 AM The Answer [WSDZ] in St. Louis) and a TV show on TheBlazeTV-- has once again slandered and misgendered a trans person's name and pronouns. This time, the person targeted by her was Chelsea Manning. Her transphobic smear of Chelsea Manning echos that of Alt-Right hatemongerer Milo Yiannopoulos and other transphobes.

The tweet that BuzzFeed News's SCOTUS/legal news editor Chris Geidner called out Loesch on for misgendering and deadnaming Chelsea Manning:

The original tweet that Loesch posted, which prompted Geidner's response:

First off, Mrs. Loesch, the correct name and set of pronouns is Chelsea Manning and female set of pronouns (she/her/hers).

Loesch's pathetic slams of Geidner and her farcical reasons to defend misgendering Manning:

Another ignorant argument from Dana The Devil.

Sorry, Dana, but Chelsea Manning is a female.

Dr. Paul McHugh is NOT a reputable source for anything LGBTQ-related.

Geidner's smackdown of Loesch continues on (unlike Loesch, he uses the correct name and pronouns for Manning):

Samantha Allen at The Daily Beast on the right-wing outrage on Chelsea Manning's sex reassignment surgery:
If you believe that prisoners should receive treatments deemed medically necessary by the American Medical Association, you should be fine with your tax dollars paying for Chelsea Manning’s sex reassignment surgery. 
Just hours after BuzzFeed News reported that the transgender prisoner and former WikiLeaks source ended her hunger strike with assurances that the military would provide surgery, a predictable chorus emerged on the right. Their chief grievance: the allocation of tax dollars for a procedure that has long been recognized by major medical associations as a medical necessity for many transgender individuals. 
According to the medical community, however, there is no question that both hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery can be medically necessary for individuals suffering from gender dysphoria. In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Manning said her physician had recommended sex reassignment surgery in April 2016. 
So even though transgender rights are certainly controversial in the comments section, multiple major physicians’ associations agree that sex reassignment surgery is a well-established and often medically necessary form of treatment. And there’s no evidence that providing this treatment for all transgender prisoners—let alone a single one—would create a significant burden for the American taxpayer. 
If you’re OK with Uncle Sam paying for prisoners to receive antidepressants or knee surgery or a CPAP machine, there’s no reason to get worked up over Chelsea Manning’s medical treatment.

This isn't the first time she's done such a thing, either.

More on Loesch's attacks on LGBTQ rights and the Transgender community:


  1. Bradley is a man. Regardless of any surgery he could have, any hormones he could take, etc any dna test would confirm, he has not a single cell without a Y chromosome (except half his sperm which he wouldn’t have anymore anyways). Your entire argument is “he says he’s a woman so he must be” should that really be our take? Just believe anything anyone says? That guy told me “the end is near” better go build a bomb shelter! The homeless guy on the corner told me that aliens were reading his mind. Honey we’d better make a tinfoil hat!

    1. Also I would like to add that transgender people commit suicide at an almost identical rate before and after the surgery. So it isn’t really much of a “medical necessity” is it?


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