Transphobic bigot Dana Loesch again insults the trans community by misgendering Caitlyn Jenner

You may have heard of Caitlyn Jenner (designated male at birth as Bruce Jenner) in the news the past couple of days, as she transitioned into a female, with a new set of pronouns preferred and a new name revealed in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair.

Dana Loesch, however, used the occasion to make insulting remarks about Jenner and her transition into a woman, complete with misgendering Caitlyn and transphobic bigotry.

Loesch's transphobic rant on Caitlyn Jenner:
I'm not welcoming Bruce Jenner into the sisterhood. We frown upon appropriating culture, so, too, do I frown upon appropriating sexuality (more on this later). It's not that I care what someone does on their own time -- and if that's what this was, people minding their own business and living their lives, it wouldn't be an issue -- but it's no longer on someone's own time. People used to say "what goes on behind closed doors ..." but things are no longer behind closed doors and it's not simply that the doors are open, either; it's that some are forcefully ushering everyone else into the room and told to legitimize with their approval the lifestyle choices of the individual in question. I and other females are told that we are no different from someone who buys a tube of Mac lipstick and the best plastic surgery in town. We are told that our sex, our gender, is a nothing more than a new product at retail. You can identify, but I will not.  

I didn't care what Jenner did at first. I didn't care when the cover made headlines, when he invited cameras into his home to show off his personal life. I started to care when, upon casually referencing it on air, I received a few emails chastising me for using the wrong pronoun. I'm expected to refine my speech? A day later I saw a trailer for Bruce Jenner’s new reality show, “I Am Cait,” documenting his transition to identifying as a woman. While applying makeup he says he “never understood until now” the pressure women are under where it concerns our looks. It struck me as a somewhat ironic statement.  

This isn’t the new normal. It’s a mental illness. I absolutely am not "politically incorrect," or "hateful" because I take exception to society insisting that a man is every bit as much of a woman as I am because he believes himself to be such. Is this the so-called "equality" over which feminists salivated? This numbing homogeny? 

This is no longer a choice that doesn't affect anyone. It's a societal demand that we ignore the born biology of human beings. 
Dana, being transgender is NOT a "mental illness."

On her radio show yesterday, she made a very hateful anti-transgender rant regarding Jenner.

From the 06.03.2015 edition of KFTK/Radio America's The Dana Show:

Kira Davis at Every Joe also misgenders Caitlyn:

What I will not do is welcome you into the “sisterhood” as a fellow woman. You simply are not. The way my white friends will never understand what it’s like to be black, the way a mother can never really understand what it’s like to be a father, you will never really be able to understand what it’s like to be a woman. 
You are not a woman. You will never be a woman. That title is something that is earned. It is not a persona or a skin you can slip into one day when the moment is right. It is not something you think you are and then later mutilate your body to match. What goes into becoming a woman cannot be surgically inserted (or removed for that matter). It cannot be gained in therapy or a lifetime of feeling different or found in the hem of a particularly stunning dress. I think even the most hardcore of feminists would agree it is far more than biological, certainly much deeper than psychological.

Progressives Today (a sister outfit of Jim Hoft's The Gateway Pundit) on Jenner and Cultural Appropriation:

Cultural appropriation IS a real thing, idiot.

Eliel Cruz at Religion News Service on respecting the trans community by using their proper name and preferred set of pronouns:
Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself yesterday on the cover of Vanity Fair and the Internet was aflutter over the glamorous reveal. 
But not everyone was thrilled for the bombshell photos. Christians made their opinions known about the trans community and on Caitlyn — a lot of them misgendering her and using her dead name (a term used by the trans community to refer to their old name). 
Many use dead names to show they don’t agree with someone else’s trans identity. 
But really, the conversations in the church must go beyond the moment when a trans celebrity is on the cover of a magazine. We need to be engaging the trans community in their health, homelessness, and poverty disparities. We need to be engaging the trans Christians in our pews. 
We need to be discussing the trans community when we discuss on how to make our church more than just a building in which we worship, but on how to be a sanctuary.
That begins by calling her Caitlyn.
Eliel nails it.

More on Loesch's attacks on LGBTQ rights:

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