On TheBlazeTV's Dana, Dana Loesch features an unfunny transphobic skit mocking trans people

On tonight's edition of TheBlazeTV's Dana, the recently ejected from KFTK (which was her original flagship station of The Dana Show) Dana Loesch once again insults the trans community with a skit defaming them. This isn't a real surprise given Loesch's long record of transphobic vitriol (and the LGBTQ community at large).

Media Matters For America:
The Blaze’s Dana Loesch mocked transgender people and hyped the bathroom predator myth on her show with a skit of a man walking into the women’s restroom saying “I'm Matilda, I’m identifying as a lady today, I hear you guys have champagne and cookies in here.” 

During the April 20 edition of her show on The Blaze TV, Loesch criticized celebrities boycotting North Carolina after the passage of the so called “bathroom bill,” aimed at discriminating against the LGBT community. Later that evening, Loesch tweeted the video claiming “It's obvious why everyone wants to use the #womensbathroom.” The tweet linked to the video from Loesch showing a man with a beard walking into a women’s restroom claiming “I’m identifying as a lady today.”

Her TV show's Twitter Account:

From the 04.20.2016 edition of TheBlazeTV's Dana:

Her other recent transphobia:
Her tweet defending Curt Schilling:


Loesch on Target:

Loesch on Boston's cancelling due to North Carolina's HB2:

More on Loesch's attacks on LGBTQ rights:

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