Loesch smears Wendy Davis yet again... by defaming her as a "one-woman death panel."

Once again, rabid anti-reproductive choicer Dana Loesch is smearing Texas State Senator (and 2014 Democratic Party nominee for Governor) Wendy Davis for accurately stating that "pro-life" doesn't stop at the abortion issue, which pissed off the anti-choicers.

Tim Peacock at Peacock Panache:
Building on the article we posted late last week, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis spoke to an audience at the University of Texas at Brownsville yesterday and for all intents and purposes redefined what it means to be pro-life. According to Davis, she is pro-life - but not for the reasons you think. 

“I am pro-life,” she said to the large crowd. “I care about the life of every child: every child that goes to bed hungry, every child that goes to bed without a proper education, every child that goes to bed without being able to be a part of the Texas dream, every woman and man who worry about their children’s future and their ability to provide for that future. I care about life and I have a record of fighting for people above all else.” 

“This isn’t about protecting abortion,” Davis continued. “It’s about protecting women. It’s about trusting women to make good decisions for themselves and empowering them with the tools to do that.”

Dana's stupid, childish, and insipid analysis on Wendy Davis's remarks:
So Davis isn’t “pro-life.” She’s for a life that meets her standards. She’s a one woman death panel.
No, Mrs. Loesch, Davis  is NOT a "one-woman death panel" for being proudly pro-choice.

More on Loesch's deliberate falsehoods on the war on women, attacks on [Democratic/liberal] women and pro-choice viewpoints:  

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