Regular Beck fill-in Dana Loesch officially joins TheBlazeTV

St. Louis' Queen of Hate Dana Loesch (who was a regular fill-in for Beck) has joined TheBlazeTV as a host and contributor to that station. She is expected to continue her duties as the host of KFTK's The Dana Show and be the top sub for Glenn Beck. 

Conservative radio host Dana Loesch is joining Glenn Beck’s network TheBlaze as a host and contributor, POLITICO has learned. 
Loesch, who also broadcasts a radio show based in St. Louis, Mo., will contribute across the network and TheBlaze.com. She’ll also continue to serve as a fill-in host for Beck on his radio program and TheBlaze TV show.

NOTE: In St. Louis, Glenn Beck's radio show, The Glenn Beck Radio Program, airs on KFTK at 9AM CDT, before The Dana Show at Noon CDT.

Here are some of her greatest TheBlazeTV-related hits, as she'll fit right in to Beck's loony tunes channel:
Yet another edition of Dana Loesch being insanely stupid... this time, it's her defense of murderer George Zimmerman, who was unfairly acquitted by the court in Florida on July 13th, 2013.  

Per Dana The Devil's usage of "outrage queens," she's referring to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who both have done far more good for the nation than she ever would do in her lifetime.

Firstly on Beck's radio program (whose show airs before The Dana Show on KFTK), she criticized GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney for NOT repeating the baseless conspiracy she and Bachmann, to name a few Islamophobes, falsely claim that "Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood are infiltrating our government."
Later in the day, on Glenn Beck's TV program, she falsely declared that "your religious freedoms are under attack, as of August 1st."

Looks like Teahadist Dana Loesch has casted her lot with Glenn Beck in order to get even more prominence nationally, maybe as a fill-in for Glenn Beck.
The Conservative-leaning blog Little Green Footballs called Beck and Loesch "nuts."
Sure enough, Loesch and Beck are allied. 

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