Dana Loesch shills for murderer George Zimmerman

Yet another edition of Dana Loesch being insanely stupid... this time, it's her defense of murderer George Zimmerman, who was unfairly acquitted by the court in Florida on July 13th, 2013.

While outrage peddlers try to inflame racial tension over George Zimmerman’s acquittal (a nice favor to the administration who’d like to forget its numerous scandals) these same peddlers are silent this case. The case of Roderick Scott and 16-year-old Chris Cervini is almost identical to Zimmerman-Martin. 

Scott claims he shot Cervini in self defense. He was eventually acquitted, a verdict with which I also agree.

Loesch proceeded to laud the “amazing leaders in the black community” who are asking the same questions, but said that “all too often they’re drowned out by the outrage queens assisting the administration in the construction of a diversion to the problems plaguing it.”
Per Dana The Devil's usage of "outrage queens," she's referring to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who both have done far more good for the nation than she ever would do in her lifetime.

From the 07.16.2013 edition of TheBlazeTV's The Glenn Beck Program:

From the 07.15.2013 edition of TheBlazeTV's The Glenn Beck Program:

She also falsely accused "the left" of taking away the right to self defense:

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