Dana Loesch continues to smear Texas Gov. candidate Wendy Davis (D), will guest host on ABC's The View

With conservative firebrand Dana Loesch guest-hosting ABC's The View next week, now is the time to remind readers that she has smeared Wendy Davis's bio in very ugly ways.

Her tweets insulting and downplaying Wendy Davis' life as a single mother:

Wendy has more credibility than you, Mrs. Dana!

On the 01.22.2014 edition of FNC's The Kelly File, Loesch (who is represented by Davis in the Texas Senate) continued to attack Davis and cheerlead for her opponent Greg Abbott. She then falsely declared Jeff Davis to be a "better single father than Wendy Davis was a single mother." 

From the 01.22.2014 edition of FNC's The Kelly File:

Wendy's two daughters have defended her from right-wing sexist attacks.

Don’t you love how Republicans claim they’re all about the children until it’s inconvenient? They’re so valiant, standing for those poor persecuted imaginary ‘children’ lost forever to abortions. 
But when the kids are actual flesh and blood, they don’t give a damn. If they did, they’d limit their attacks on Wendy Davis to her policies instead of going after her personally for her history and making specious claims that she abandoned her children to go to school.

More on Loesch's deliberate falsehoods on the war on women, attacks on [Democratic/liberal] women, birth control, and pro-choice viewpoints:  

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