Discredited fraudster J. Christian Adams visits The Dana Show

Yesterday on KFTK's The Dana Show, regular guest and voter suppression advocate J. Christian Adams attacked Holder for doing the right thing, which is to stop Texas's horrible voter suppression law from taking effect. And of course Loesch is a vehement supporter of "Voter ID," along with a host of other far-right causes.

From the 07.11.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:


  • They whined about Republican-favored redistricting isn't stopping their voter suppression efforts. (approx. 2:35)
  • Adams and Loesch both declared that if Texas's law is struck down, then it will put the laws on voter suppression closer to oblivion. (approx. 4:20)
  • Loesch falsely claims that True The Vote, a spin-off of King Street Patriots, monitor elections honestly. They don't. (approx. 5:31)
  • Adams misleading states that the DOJ is "facilitating lawless behavior in our polling places." (approx. 7:09)

Partial Transcript:
LOESCH: "Eric Holder currently has in his sights Texas trying to invoke their 10th Amendment rights to uphold 'voter integrity' in their state. According to J. Christian Adams at Pajamas Media, the Texas Voter ID law is on life support."[...]J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS: "Well, the latest is that the trial is still going on. Tthe Justice Department actually put up a witness this morning to testify that Governor Perry is a 'fascist.'" LOESCH: "So if the Department of Justice scores a win here in Texas, and they prevent them from requiring photo ID in order to safeguard the votes of those casting them. This is, to me, going to set a precedent that is going to endanger the 10th Amendment powers of the other states that are currently in this same tussle with the DOJ."
ADAMS: "Well, you're exactly right. In the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was amended in 2006 to essentially give enormous federal power over state election decisions."
"The same laws designed to help Republicans with redistricting is causing voter integrity efforts across the country to be attacked by the Justice Department. They're gonna kill Texas's Voter ID law, probably kill South Carolina's Voter ID law, Mississippi and Alabama are trembling. So what you have is heading into the election situation where Eric Holder is using a weapon given to him by Republicans in 2006 undermining election integrity."LOESCH: And this just underscores the huge point that even if we have Republicans in office passing legislation where you give government that much oversight, you can't be guaranteed that you're going to always have good people in office. You should never want someone else to have that kind of power over voting and states' rights anyway."ADAMS: "You're exactly right, Dana, this is part of a bigger problem. Republicans wanted to tend to disengage on racial issues, on election issues, on anything that the NAACP beats its drum about."

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