Partisan hack Dana Loesch baselessly smears KSDK and SIUE professor Dr. Morris Taylor

Right-wing noisemaker partisan bastard Dana Loesch slanders terrorism expert Dr. Morris Taylor from SIUE for  having the gonads to suggest that the Boston Marathon bomings are the possibly the works of "right-wing extremists."

From the 04.15.2013 edition of KSDK's NewsChannel 5 at 10:

Loesch's propaganda site:

Hitler was a socialist and McVeigh was an anti-God statist inspired by the Turner Diaries. Is this professor ignorant of history?
I think KSDK, SIUE, and Taylor owe apologies for impugning half of KSDK’s viewership last night.

No, Dana, KSDK did NOT smear conservatives as you would like to allege. Also, Hitler was NOT anywhere near a "socialist", and McVeigh was a far-right loon.

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