Loesch and her band of trolls attack me for telling the truth about her

Today, I've been getting smeared on Twitter for having the audacity to call Dana Loesch and her band of bullying trolls are going after me for having the courage to blog about Loesch and her lies.

She has smeared gun safety activist and mom Nikki Moungo (@Nikki2U) for being at the gun safety rally at the end of March 2013 and for being featured in the Riverfront Times this week.

The tweet by Moungo got a lot of attention:

Nikki Moungo, a 42-year-old Ballwin resident, is no stranger to gun violence. She is a long-time neighbor and close friend of the family ofMatthew Pellegrini, who was eighteen years old when he was shot and killed in St. Louis. As we've reported, she's been very vocal in the fight for a tough sentence for Pellegrini's killer, supporting the family in and out of the courtroom. 
For these reasons, Moungo was especially surprised and angry to find that her personal gun-control advocacy was at the center of a pro-gun conservative attack that ridiculed her as an out-of-touch suburban mom who doesn't know a thing about a gun violence.
The attacker? St. Louis' very own Dana Loesch. 
Moungo reached out to Daily RFT after she stumbled upon this recent post penned by Loesch, a well-known conservative radio host, on the site Red State.
One of the premises of the piece by Loesch, the cofounder of the St. Louis Tea Party and the subject of our cover story back in 2010, is that the attendees of a Moms Demand Action gun-control rally in St. Louis are completely ignorant about urban violence.
Like other supporters of stricter gun policy, Moungo says she supports common-sense solutions that reduce the risk of gun violence.
Once that violence affected her more directly, "You definitely just get louder," she adds.
That set out the Loeschbot trolls to defend her and smear me and Moungo.

Dana Loesch (@DLoesch), the ringleader:

Eric Elverhoy (@EEElverhoy):

Elverhoy's also a very repulsive troll, and has falsely accused me of being a "homophobe."

Lorraine Yuriar (@thekytikat):

Still childishly smearing me for simply posting (mostly) fetish content on one of my Tumblr blogs, Lorraine?

Craig Lueschow (@CHOWSTL):

First of all, I have never lived with my mom.

Lueschow's been the ugliest of the Danahead trolls smearing me.

My rebuttals to that moron:

Terry Tuttle (@tut2112):

Tuttle, unlike the others, has largely left me alone... until today.

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