Dana Loesch continues to embarass herself

CNN Contributor, dishonest hack, and leader of the Breitbart/Loesch Axis of Evil Dana Loesch has told a bunch of lies on the UMSL/UMKC issue, along with countless others.

Today on her radio show, Loesch was telling numerous dishonest lies.

CNN's Dana Loesch is trying to pretend away the deceptive editing practices at the center of the Andrew Breitbart campaign to "go after the teachers."

Yesterday, officials at the University of Missouri-St. Louis concluded that the videos Breitbart's site Big Government used to smear two of the university's labor studies lecturers were "highly distorted through splicing and editing."

Loesch rejected their findings on her radio show today
h/t: Media Matters

From the o5.10.2011 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

James O'Keefe, an unethical man and a history of distortions, was on The Dana Show today to talk about the heavily edited tapes, of which he defended.

In 2009, O'Keefe stopped by Washington University in St. Louis to film the school administration's efforts to shut down a mock gulag erected on campus by the right-wing group Young Americans for Liberty. A couple of months later, Christofanelli penned a column in the campus newspaper defending "our gulag event."

From the 05.10.2011 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

She has had a history of demonizing unions and public education for their own gains.

On Mother's Day Night, Dana Loesch and Frances Martel went on the Stage Right Show, hosted by Axis of Evil member Larry O'Connor, to discuss about motherhood and politics. From the St. Louis Activist Hub:

Dana Loesch "debated" Frances Martel on the Stage Right Show yesterday and called the woman she was debating, Frances Martel, a "bitch." Naturally, her obsessive fans will take this as evidence of how brilliant she is, since unoriginal name-calling is the pinnacle of tea party argumentation.

From the 05.08.2011 edition of breitbart.tv's Stage Right Show:

So, she is tarnishing any remaining value that she has by being an outright Breitfart bootlicker.

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