Today in the World of Dana's Lies

In the past couple of days, the Breitbart toady Big "Journalism" editor-in-chief Dana Loesch has really upped the ante with her brazenly dangerous antics.

Yesterday, she's continuing her
War on Unions, with her falsehood of accusing AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka of "condoning union thuggery" while attending Obama's Joint Address to Congress.

Earlier this morning 500 or so members of the AFL-CIO stormed a port in Washington, vandalized the facility, reportedly cut the brake lines of train cars, and held six guards hostage. Shockingly, no one was arrested. Earlier that week a judge issued a restraining order against this same group after they clashed with police while brandishing bats and issuing death threats. Nineteen people were arrested for misdemeanors.

While all of this was going on, the group’s head, Richard Trumka, was invited as a guest of the President to tonight’s jobs address.

Trumka sat with the First Lady — along with GE President Jeff Immelt (while the President gave an address that ironically touched on crony capitalism and big business) as though nothing had happened. I speculated initially as to whether or not the President would continue to force such displays in our faces; the answer is yes, because they want us to grow accustomed to this behavior. They want us to think normal of it when Americans are targeted by, as Hoffa so aptly put it, “Obama’s army.” News barely batted an eye at the violence perpetrated by unions upon Wisconsinites; the majors ignored it when a non-union business owner was shot, his property vandalized for his business being non-union; it’s the Gladney-ization of America and the news is silent. We’ll grow used to seeing such violence play out when the public sector, which accounts for a small percentage of workers in America, doesn’t get it’s way. Acclimation will lead to apathy, and fait accompli their objective is realized.
Typical baseless crap from her. She's still pushing her Gladney nonsense to her gullible readers and her radio show fans.

She did her usual blatantly false "Us Teabaggers are the victims of Union Thugs" tripe".

Hoffa supporters have created a Facebook page on which they have posted the address of tea partier Justen Charters and are encouraging fellow Hoffa supporters to send human excrement through the federal mail system. Why? Because Charters came up with the idea to sent 1,000 tea bags to Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.

Is this what is to be expected when Americans dissent? Violence and being called a “son of a bitch” by a screechy fat cat union boss? How long will the NYT and other outlets continue to ignore this? Will progressives condemn it?

The page in question has since been taken down. At least they had the decency to pull the event, unlike the deranged Righties who routinely get away with graphically violent rhetoric against Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Muslims, LGBTQs, Hispanics, and Arabs, et al., and seldom ever gets deleted off and/or reported.

During MSNBC's debate on Wednesday night, she baselessly implied that "the Moderator Brian Williams hates Texas and Texans."

Brian Williams elicited gasps from the audience (since every question was framed as how poor and mean those people in Texas with their crappy low-paying jobs are) when he asked Perry how he could sleep at night over Texas’s death penalty and high number of those punished.

Shorter Perry response: I sleep pretty damn well, actually, knowing they’re off the streets. Perry responded that it’s a policy for which Texans voted and they’re happy with it. The room cheered.


Yesterday, on CNN's American Morning, Loesch was paired against CNN Political Analyst Rob Brownstein and Newsweek and The Daily Beast contribtor Mark McKinnon. And as usual, she gave the impression that Bachmann's pretty much toast and considered Perry the winner.

From the 09.08.2011 edition of CNN's American Morning:


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