Loony Loesch: "Girl Scouts promote Soros/SEIU and Leftist Ideas"

The delusion of the insane loonytunes Big Journalism Editor-In-Chief Dana Loesch rolls on, as she continues on their site's War on Media Matters For America. In her article at Big Journalism, she misleadingly claims that the "Girl Scouts of America is promoting radical Leftist ideology and is Soros/SEIU/MMfA-funded."

Think twice before buying Girl Scout cookies next year. Fox and Friends discussed how the Girl Scouts of America is now promoting Media Matters, in addition to its affiliation with Planned Parenthood (more).

From the 12.28.2011 edition of FNC's Fox and Friends:

Get ‘em while they’re young, I guess? The Girl Scouts believe that an organization which took money from SEIU right about the time it began attacking black conservatives in the wake of the Gladney beating, a website which refuses to correct its errors and has been called a “core institution” of the Democrat party due to its hostile stance against Israel-supporters, this site “gets the word out about media misinformation?” A website which runs interference to blatantly protect Democrats? A website which makes false claims (and then plays “ignore” when proof of such claims is requested) against journalists? A website that attacked critics of a government program that used public funds to arm Mexican drug cartels so they could shoot Mexicans and Americans? The same Media Matters which worked with the DOJ to cover up the voter intimidation scandal?
By promoting Media Matters for America as a credible website, the Girl Scouts are endorsing the site’s unethical practices and stances.
The ongoing moral decline of the Girl Scouts has caused an exodus within its ranks and a decline in its formerly popular cookie sales. The absence of such a group has sparked the creation of others to take its place, most notable among them: the American Heritage Girls and the Frontier Girls.  
Next year, when the green sashes come by your home and ask you to buy cookies to help support their organization, know why your answer will be “no, thanks.”

We got even more proof that Loesch is pandering to social Conservatives, when she claims her organization(s) are all about the "free markets" and the "economy." She's whining about the "moral decay" of the Girl Scouts, as is typical from a Conservative bombthrowing loon. The only "moral decay" that's going on is the right-wing front groups' mission to destroy American freedoms. The Girl Scouts are not "radical Leftists" or "Soros/SEIU/MMfA-funded" like she claims.

Debunking Loesch's blatant lies is an article from TPM called "Right-Wing bloggers and Fox News's Fox and Friends Attack Girl Scouts Of America's 'Leftist Agenda.'"

Right-wing bloggers and Fox News have managed to squeeze in one more liberal conspiracy theory before the end of 2011.
The controversy is over a section in the Girl Scouts’ media guide that advises readers to use sites like snopes.com and MediaMatters to fact-check what they read on the Internet. Because, as Steve Doocy put it on Fox & Friends on Thursday, because MediaMatters is “clearly a lefty blog,” telling members to turn to them means the Girl Scouts must secretly be in the tank for the left.

Glenn Beck’s site The Blaze first wrote about the guide on Tuesday, and said that it was pointed out to them by a parent of Sydney Volankski, a fifteen-year old former Girl Scout who left the organization in 2010 when she says she realized the organization has a “clear liberal ideology.”
In response, she started a blog called “Speak Now: Girl Scouts,” and on Thursday she popped up on Fox News.

Doocy asked Volanski how she “started noticing, kind of, what you would feel is a liberal agenda” in the Girl Scouts.
“My sister and I started a website to help inform families of the more leftward leanings of Girl Scouts because they promise to be neutral politically and about certain social issues,” Volanski explained, “but when you examine the women that they promote and the websites and books that they refer girls to, there is a clear liberal ideology, like with the MediaMatters site.”
“For eight years we were in Girl Scouts and we didn’t realize that Girl Scouts was promoting such a liberal ideology,” she added.
Priscilla at Newshounds also reported the facts:

That Fox News is America's premier anti-abortion rights "news" network was underscored, once again, by this morning's Fox & Friends showcasing of a rabidly anti-abortion rights former Girl Scout, Sydney Volanski, who, accuses "the Girl Scouts of creating boot-stomping, sexualized radicals." Volanski's topic was the latest outrage in the right wing world; i.e. that Girl Scout literature referred readers to the evil, librul Media Matters for information on media bias. The Scouts have since removed the reference - something that both Volanski and the Daily Caller are taking credit for. But that topic only served for her soliloquy about the nefarious connections of the Girl Scouts to the ultra evil Planned Parenthood. But hey, the Fox War on Christmas is over for a year and Fox needs its culture wars which, in this case, is a war on Girl Scouts.  And this dovetails nicely with their war on Media Matters and Planned Parenthood!  Don't ya love the sweet smell of propaganda with your morning coffee.

As the chyron read "Turn to the Left, Media Matters Featured in Girl Scout Guide," Alysin Camerota set the agitprop by reporting that the Media Matters thing has been eliminated due to "a sharp Girl Scout" like the guest who "noticed the bias." Doocy reinforced the Fox message with the requisite "explanation" of how Volanski and her family noticed a "liberal agenda" in the national Girl Scout organization when they noticed the Media Matters reference. He described MMFA as "clearly a lefty blog." Volanski said that she and her sister formed a website to "inform" about the "leftward leanings" of the Scouts who claim neutrality but, according to Volanski, are promoting a "clear liberal ideology." Doocy said "uh-huh." In response to Camerota's question about the purpose of the "Speak Now Girl Scouts," Volanski responded that it is spreading awareness of the Girl Scout deceit about its "liberal ideology" of which she was initially unaware while a Scout.

After Camerota read the Girl Scout statement, in which they assert that the Media Matters reference will be taken out, she asked if Volanski is satisfied with the progress. Volanski said that this is only one example of the Scouts promotion of a liberal issue. She claimed that books with the MMFA reference are still being sold and alleged that Girl Scouts isn't concerned enough to pull the books. As the chyron read "Media Misinformation Girls Scout Guide References"(note present tense) "Liberal Blog," Doocy thanked her for her information (WTF?!) about "the media bias" and "the Planned Parenthoood" and said that "it turns out that Girl Scouts is more than just the cookies."

While Girl Scouts is supposedly promoting the agenda of Planned Parenthood, Fox & Friends is promoting the agenda of a conservative Catholic girl who is connected to anti-choice radicals such as Lila Rose, the hate group Family Research Council, Priests for Life, and the homophobic anti-choice Janet Parshall. Ever since the scouts took "God" out their pledge, the right wing anti-choicers have been gunning for them. Nice to see that Fox & Friends is taking up arms for a cause that demonizes Margaret Mead and Hillary Clinton. Right, Doocy, Scouts are more than cookies. They're about young women taking responsibility for themselves (and that includes sexuality). The women that they honor, who are role models for responsibility, are pro-choice. That Volansky and her fellow zealots demonize them is illustrative of the right wing war on women of which Fox "News"  is a well armed battalion!

In fact, to piss off Loesch and the righties, I'd recommend you buy Girl Scout cookies.

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