Loesch STILL endorsing Rick Perry on Tuesday Night's CNN Election Night Coverage

CNN "Contributor" and Rick Perry shill Dana Loesch strikes again.

Jim Hoft's The Gateway Pundit has the article, and naturally, at least some of the commenters on that site say that he's an "Illegal Immigrant-loving RINO." Likewise, there were people that were praising Perry.

Radio host, CNN contributor and Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch was on the job Tuesday during the Iowa Caucuses. The St. Louis media star told CNN that Texas Governor Rick Perry is the only conservative who can defeat Mitt Romney in the GOP primary.
“I look and see who could take out Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum cannot take out Mitt Romney. Neither can Ron Paul. Neither can Newt Gingrich. Perry seems one of the candidates who can take out Mitt Romney.”
Um, Dana, Rick Perry is Dumbya on steroids and though he could possibly take out Romney (Gingrich and/or currently Santorum have a much better chance of beating Romney), he will get creamed by Obama in the General Election in November. If Romney is the GOP Nominee, expect the hard-right and evangelicals/fundies to endorse either the Constitution Party's candidate or a Conservative Independent due to Romney's Mormon faith and his alleged "RINO-ness," unless he picks an "acceptable to the base" Conservative as VP.

From the 01.03.2012 edition of CNN's America's Choice 2012 Election Coverage:

Bad news for Loesch: her first-choice Presidential Candidate Bachmann dropped out Wednesday. And either her 2nd or 3rd choice pick Herman Cain dropped out in December 2011.

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