KFTK's The Dana Show moves from 2-4PM to Noon-3PM, effective January 30th

Starting on Monday, January 30th, Dana Loesch of the Gateway "Grassroots" Initiative's The Dana Show on KFTK will have a new time slot, expanding to three hours. The first two hours are head-to-head against Rush Limbaugh's The Rush Limbaugh Program on KMOX 1120 AM and the 3rd against local Dittohead Mark Reardon. Premiere's The Laura Ingraham Show (currently airing from Noon to 2PM, has been removed from KFTK's Schedule. The Dave Glover Show gets expanded from 3 hours to 4, and starts right after The Dana Show. The post-Glover lineup, Allman In The Morning, and The Glenn Beck Program's spots stay intact.

Starting January 30th, Dana Loesch, host of "The Dana Show" will move to three big hours from noon to 3pm, bringing you all the hottest and biggest developments from the political scene. At 3pm, Dave Glover will take over the microphone as his show, "The Dave Glover Show" expands to four big hours in drive-time keeping you laughing and informed on your commute home.
The new weekday schedule will be as follows:
Allman in the Morning  5am-9amGlenn Beck  9am-12nThe Dana Show  12n-3pmThe Dave Glover Show  3pm-7pmSean Hannity  7pm-9pmMichael Savage  9pm-11pmThe Mark Levin Show  11pm-2amRed Eye Radio  2am-4amThe Wall Street Journal This Morning  4am-5am

In Indianapolis, on WIBC, they will air the last hour of The Dana Show, at 3PM EST/2PM CST, instead of the first hour that currently airs.

What does that mean? Another hour of Loesch's outrageous fabricationsoutlandish claims, and blatant lies perpetrating on her inane hate-filled radio show.

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