Dana Loesch's defense of Islamophobia: #GarlandShooting edition

Dana Loesch's defense of well-known anti-Islam hatemonger Pamela Geller continues. On Monday night's edition of Dana, she hosted Geller to spew Islamophobic vitriol to TheBlazeTV viewers.

Geller then suggested that she'd love to hold "Draw Muhammad" events every month for the express purpose to spread Islamophobia.

From the 05.04.2015 edition of TheBlazeTV's Dana:

Tim Peacock at Peacock Panache has the scoop:
In the never ending quest to become America’s next Rush Limbaugh, Tea Party radio host Dana Loesch commented on Twitter over the weekend about the contest hosted by infamous anti-Islam activist Pam Gellar and the predictable violence that broke out at the event saying, “The left: Don’t offend one faith by drawing a cartoon but do force another faith to compromise their beliefs and bake cakes.” While it’s obvious Loesch has once again chosen to compare apples and oranges in an attempt to demonstrate smug political superiority, her logic doesn’t quite hold up to scrutiny – even by wacky far right extremist standards.
At the core of her statement is the false assumption that those on the left do not support freedom of expression or speech. Specifically, she assumes that liberals would not support someone’s right to depict an image of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. 
This is absurd.

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