Extremist hack Dana Loesch on KETC's Donnybrook: telling more lies

Last Thursday night on St. Louis's PBS affiliate KETC, deranged Tea Party extremist hack Dana Loesch was one of the panelists on Donnybrook, along with KMOX radio host Charlie Brennan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (where Loesch used to be employed) columnist Bill McClellan, ESPN101 writer and STLMag.com columnist Alvin Reid, and St. Louis Magazine (STLMag) owner Ray Hartmann.

From the 11.08.2012 edition of KETC's Donnybrook:

Watch November 8, 2012 on PBS. See more from Donnybrook.
Key points of her Donnybrook appearance:

  • Loesch thinks that no one in the Republican Party has any faith in stopping him. (approx. 2:09)
  • She admitted that the GOP had a terrible ground game. (approx. 2:20)
  • Ray Hartmann, a Donnybrook regular, stated that the "Democrats had a great night and a great campaign. (approx. 3:40)
  • Loesch: "The GOP struggled with their messaging." (approx. 4:54)
  • Alvin Reid takes down the Romney campaign's lies. (approx. 5:29)
  • Hartmann says "Obama has his mandate." (approx. 8:27)
  • Loesch declares falsely that "Obama has no mandate." (approx 8:52)
  • Loesch: "Obama ran on the 3 B's: Big Bird, Binders, and Birth Control." (approx. 9:02)
  • Hartman: "I think both Barry Goldwater and Hubert Humphrey are rolling over in their graves." (approx. 10:10)
  • Reid: "The Bush Tax Cuts were made to end and are NOT a tax increase." (approx. 10:39)
  • Reid: "They dismissed him [Akin] so early, and he got beat." (approx. 13:20)
  • Reid also called out Mourdock's rape comments. (approx. 13:34)
  • Bill McClellan: "I think both comments made women feel uncomfortable with Republicans." (approx. 13:39)
  • Loesch said that "had the Republicans contained their outrage, then it would've never been an issue." (approx. 14:10).
  • Loesch mistakenly said that Akin represented the 3rd Congressional District of Missouri. No, Ms. Loesch, prior to this decade's redistricting, he represented the 2nd district and Carnahan (D) represented the 3rd (which her husband Chris's Shock City Studios is located at). (approx. 14:28)
  • Hartmann stated that "Akin and the GOP blew up any chance they had in winning Missouri (and possibly Senate control)." (approx. 16:08)
  • McClellan: "When Rush Limbaugh used such language about the girl from Georgetown [Sandra Fluke], that's what set off women and made the feel uncomfortable." (approx. 16:28)
  • Loesch was making excuses to defend Rush and bash Fluke and the left. (approx. 16:48)
  • Loesch: "If Bill Clinton survived what he did, why not Peter Kinder?" (approx. 18:40)
  • Loesch whined about UN election monitors supervising our elections. (approx. 19:40)
  • Charlie Brennan called out her BS conspiracy theory about the UN, and replied that "we [the USA] has monitored other countries' elections." (approx. 19:52)
  • Loesch defended the Kinder/Chapman strip club scandal. (approx. 20:30)
  • Reid said this cigarette tax increase failure was "all about opposition to higher taxes on cigarettes." (approx. 25:20)

Why would our local PBS affiliate KETC allow an extremist like Loesch to be booked as a panelist on Donnybrook?

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