TookieW, a Dana Loesch crony, attacks me and Shriver on Twitter.

Today, TookieW (Tookie Williams or Chip Gerdes) has gone after me and Adam Shriver, for simply criticizing him and his enabler, Dana Loesch.

Here's the recent twitterstream between me and him:

@: you and your butt buddy @ are the ones who make up lies, distort at will, and threaten people, not @.


@ @ Eric why does @ publish material from sexist woman haters from the St Louis left ? Do you support bullys

@ @ I sent their tweet streams to woman's study dept at wash u and slu . Very disturbing how they bully and hate women

@ @ you say you don't have women then attack Dana . My lord son your unhinged

Tookie Williams
@ @ your a bully and a woman hater , your patents raised u better than this
Tookie Williams
@ I sent this stream to a lawyer friend at n.o.w. Your a woman hater
Tookie Williams
@ your a bully . Looking at your pic , u have size to bully #120 women around .
Tookie Williams
@ you continue to attack women , that screams pig in my book
Tookie Williams
@ I think you should seek help , you could be deemed a danger to yourself or others . Seek a shrink and work your woman hate out
Tookie Williams
@ do you have ? My lord son , your dangerous . Not often do I see such hate at woman pig
Tookie Williams
@ you are an absolute woman hater hypocrite pig
Tookie Williams
@ I can't believe I am even arguing with such an unhinged woman hater like you . This anger will give u a stroke .
Tookie Williams
@ @ @ I do not see them attacking Dana , just face it you hate strong women
Tookie Williams
@ your full hate because u have zero game with woman and you attack pretty women bc of that @
Tookie Williams
Tookie Williams
@ @ your just mad because you have no game with a pretty girl @
Tookie Williams
@ @ oh Justin , your just mad because Dana is married . Just admit it . It is ok
Tookie Williams
@ don't you go by the man in black
Tookie Williams
@ so said ex sen demuzio
Tookie Williams
@ @ @ @ @ Justin is one of my favorite angry guys . Adam is calling in troops
Tookie Williams
@ yea Quin has sent 20000 jobs out of state already . Great start
Tookie Williams
@ Durbin was a close close friend of my late father

Tookie Williams
@ @ sen haine is next ask demuzio what unemployment is like
Tookie Williams
@ if you keep saying it it might be true Hahahaha

Tookie Williams
@ @ oh too be young and clowned by

Tookie Williams
@ @ @ @ Justin is full of hater aid . But he can weep because I unelect his idols .
Tookie Williams
@ @ @ hey Justin I love metro east , after 12 won't be a dumbocrat left

Tookie Williams
@ @ @ did you enjoy my retirement of rep Hoffman ?
Tookie Williams
@ @ @ oh my buddy Gibson . How you doing ?

Here are my rebuttals to his factless tweets:
Justin Gibson

@: The reason why I attack @ is that she is a serial liar, and it's NOT because's she's a woman.

@: That's an absolute lie. Quit letting @ and @ control your rotten brain.
Justin Gibson
@: You have now entered the really loony area now. I am NOT a sexist pig.
Justin Gibson
@: That statement = FALSE. I like strong women, but people like Palin, Bachmann, Loesch, Malkin, Ingraham, Noem, and Angle are loons.
Justin Gibson
@: who's the sexist now? @, @, Rush Limbaugh, and their kind?
Justin Gibson
@: You're just mad that people like me, @, @, and @ tell the truth about loons like you.
Justin Gibson
@: The reason why I call out @ a lot is that she has zero regard for the truth and lies like there's no tomorrow.
Justin Gibson
@: Evidence that @ is lying to her gullible audience:
Justin Gibson
@: IL State Sen Haine (a ConservaDem) will win because his SD is Democratic-heavy.
Justin Gibson
@: Thank God Illinois has Quinn instead of nutcase fundie Brady as Governor. Durbin's a good Senator, too. Kirk = blech!
Justin Gibson
@: WRONG! Madison County is traditionally Blue, because Obama's winning MadCo (and the State.) MY county will be majority Blue still
Justin Gibson
@: I think @'s cronies tampered with the voting machines to put in the corrupt Dwight Kay.
TookieW has gotten these skills to hunt down Dana Loesch's critics from Jimi, another Danahead who agrees with everything she does and says.

Now, Mike Flynn, whose Twitter handle is Flynn1776 and is the head editor of BigGovernment, is jumping in to defend Loesch and TookieW.

Why does Stl left hate women so much?“@: Here's an example of @ , who "never attacks:"

@ really, stop the woman hate. You'll find that special smerf someday @ @

Then, Loesch herself jumps in, siding against me and Shriver as always:
@ @ They're intimidated by conservative women. And probably angry at always being picked last in dodgeball.
Then I told her right back:
@: No, Dana, I am NOT intimidated by clowns like you.

She is, of course, the one to do all the intimidation tactics against Liberals and Progressives... and even some Conservatives.


UPDATED: Loesch defends Bristol Palin's invitation to WashU to spew her anti-safe sex agenda

Today, the Bi-State Region's leading Teahadist had a raging fit over Bristol Palin being allegedly silenced for her beliefs on abstinence. Dana Loesch has defended Sarah and Bristol Palin both in the past, so naturally she would be defending her, no matter what-- similiar to yet another St. Louis Teabagger and Palin apologist "Dr." Gina Loudon, who has been linked with Conservatives4Palin (C4P).

Dana's pro-Palin falsehood-laden piece from Big Journalism:

I wasn’t even fully aware of what was happening until a number of Wash U student conservatives reached out, upset at their treatment when they would defend the student union’s decision. Protests are organized and two Facebook pages have been created. Above all else the protest against Bristol Palin stems from no other reason than her last name is Palin.

That’s it.

No one knows what sort of speaking fee Palin is collecting yet some left-leaning students immediately assumed it was eleventy frillion dollars and are attempting to use that as justification for their protest – except when you read the comments on Facebook or in the student paper it’s always followed up with some politically-charged remark about her being Palin’s daughter. Also, some in the community don’t believe in redemption or grace, thus think that once you err you are forever doomed thus, no way can Palin be an authority on abstinence, even though she has more experience than most young adults her age at the result of not practicing abstinence.

Tacky much? Are ratings that bad? Perfume sales that low that Walsh feels the need to try to rally opposition against a teen mom? What will Katie Couric say in her next report about rhetoric? Threats against the Palins are at an all-time high for a reason, maybe because people continue to engage in these sorts of bully tactics? And the MSM is silent.
This article is proof that Loesch will do ANYTHING to defend ANY Palin, at all costs and facts be damned.

Washington University's Student Life had confirmed this article, and mentioned that student activists are against her visiting the university during Sex Week.

Bristol Palin has been selected as keynote speaker for this year’s Sexual Responsibility Week at Washington University.

Student Union Treasury on Tuesday approved a $20,000 appeal by the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) to sponsor a four-person panel featuring Palin. The appeal was initially set at $25,000 and renegotiated.

The $20,000 comes from the Student Activity Fee collected from each undergraduate student at the beginning of the year. The Student Activity Fee is fixed at one percent of tuition.

While Palin has not formally agreed to the appearance yet, she is expected to do so shortly.

Students have already organized against the potential speech by Palin, organizing protests via Facebook and voicing complaints at the weekly SU Senate meeting on Jan. 26.

“I know it will fill Graham Chapel, so to me, that’s value in itself,” said Treasury representative Daniel Bernard, a junior. “It brings the student body together in a way that we usually don’t have on this campus.”

Not all Treasury members, however, supported the decision to fund Palin to speak on campus.

“One concern I do have when we fund someone like Bristol Palin is, what really are we supporting? And to me it’s someone who is famous because they got pregnant at 18,” said freshman Jacob Trunsky, chair of the Budget Committee.

Students have mixed views on the keynote address.

“I just don’t see what she could possibly contribute to an intelligent, reasonable discussion about sex,” senior Toby Shepard said.

Sophomore Sherveen Mashayekhi, president of the College Democrats, had similar sentiments.

“While she is obviously an experienced person on the matter of teen pregnancy, she is an extremely polarizing presence in social and political terms and does not provide the right type of balancing, sensitive, well-rounded force to an issue as hot as sex on campus,” Mashayekhi said.

Kate Walsh criticized Loesch for her Palin-defending, and is right on the money.

Kate Walsh
;) RT @: Don't play dumb @. Everyone's seen "John and @ plus Eight"
And of course, Loesch trashes her back.

Tacky. Some actress named @ helping rally a mob against Bristol Palin coming to Wash U.

UPDATE: per STLToday.com, Bristol Palin is NOT coming to Wash U after all.

Anger over a decision to pay Bristol Palin several thousand dollars in student fees to talk to Washington University students about abstinence led to a decision Thursday night to nix Palin's appearance on a panel here next month.

Washington University's Student Health Advisory Committee had extended an invitation to Palin, a spokeswoman to prevent teen pregnancy, to speak on abstinence as part of the university's Student Sexual Responsibility Week.


Loesch defends Bachmann's use of Teleprompters, while trashing Obama's use of them

Dana Loesch loves to complain about Teleprompters, especially Obama's use of them. Well, at CPAC 2010, Loesch herself used the teleprompters, as did Marco Rubio, who whined about Obama using one while doing the same damn thing. She defended Michele Bachmann's use of the teleprompters.

If you watched Rep. Bachmann’s response for the Tea Party Express, you may have noted how she was looking over your left shoulder somewhere. Instead of comparing the Tea Party Express webcast to the pool broadcast and realizing that Bachmann was staring the webcase to America dead-on (rhetoric!), they assumed she must hate America or be a conservative bimbo who can’t work the TOTUS like the POTUS.

Here is proof that she used teleprompters for the 2010 CPAC event.

Media Matters gives a nice rebuttal to Loesch's fact-free screed:

It's ironic, of course, because Obama-hating bloggers have mocked the president's use of a teleprompter for years now. He uses it correctly and usually looks into the correct camera when giving a speech. But bloggers have latched onto the idea that it's novel (and telling) that Obama uses a teleprompter.

But guess what? After Bachmann's TV debacle, bloggers like the ones who work for Andrew Breitbart, have announced teleprompters don't matter!

This is example #13,400 that Loesch lies about anything in order to get Breitbart cred.

More fact-free spin from Breitfart crony Dana Loesch, claiming that a "Progressive attacked Nixon"

Yesterday on Big Journalism, EIC Dana Loesch makes an ass out of herself, by claming that "Nixon was beaten up by a Progressive." Well, that's proven to be a lie, as Casey Brezik did NOT go after Jay Nixon, but a dean from Penn Valley Community College.

Here's the lie-ridden rubbish from Breitfart's Big Journalism:

I’d ask if you remember the story of a Democrat governor being attacked last year, but chances are you’d say “no.” Last year when Missouri Governor – my governor – Jay Nixon had an attempt made on his life the local media said nothing – borderline concealed – the leanings of the attacker. The story of 22-year-old Casey Brezik didn’t go national (Brezik slashed the throat of a dean he mistook for Nixon) there were no calls for New Tone because the attacker was a far left-leaning, Che-loving, radical.

The Truth is that Brezik stabbed a Penn Valley Community College dean instead:

JEFFERSON CITY — A man accused of stabbing a Kansas City college official intended to attack Gov. Jay Nixon instead and mistakenly believed he had done so, police said Thursday.

The suspect, 22-year-old Casey Brezik, did not know Nixon and had no particularconflict with the governor, but he decided to attack him because he was a top government official, Kansas City police spokesman Darin Snapp said.

Brezik, of Raytown, is charged with two felony counts each of first-degree assault and armed criminal action. A Jackson County judge entered not guilty pleas on his behalf during a court appearance Wednesday.

Brezik did not have an attorney in court and no attorney was listed for him Thursday on Missouri's online court records. The public defender's office did not immediately return messages Thursday.

Albert Dimmitt Jr., the dean of instruction at Penn Valley Community College, was stabbed in the neck Tuesday while waiting for Nixon to arrive for a news conference about federal grants for high-speed Internet projects. Nixon was still at a Kansas City airport when the attack occurred.The event was canceled.
People like Dana Loesch will lie about anything in the book about a Democrat, and this story proves why Loesch is NOT a trusted source for anything, except to get brainwashed.


Dana Loesch defends Sarah Palin on AC360

St. Louis's favorite liar Dana Loesch has proven herself to be an idiot yet again. This is the same lady who has repeatedly claimed that "I hate political parties," "I am an ultra-Conservative Independent," and more lies from that sewer mouth of her. Why does Anderson Cooper have this liar who can't back up anything and shout over other guests? Maybe they're afraid of the "Liberal Media" card. As always, Cooper gave Loesch the last word, instead of Belcher. She again has ducked from answering a question.

Here's a perfect image to describe Dana:

COOPER: Well, Palin's choice of words, using the historically anti-Semitic term blood libel, set off a new round of criticism. As you might imagine, even some Republicans who felt Palin had been unfairly bashed expressed dismay over the tone.

And here's what a new ABC News/Washington Post poll found. Just 30 percent of Americans approve of the way Palin responded to the Tucson shootings, compared with 78 percent who approved of how President Obama responded.

Now, those numbers may explain why Sarah Palin sat down tonight with Sean Hannity.

Again, let's just point out there is no evidence that Ms. Palin had any influence on alleged shooter Jared Loughner.

Joining me now, Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher, who was a pollster for the Obama campaign, also Dana Loesch, Tea Party organizer and Saint Louis radio host.

Cornell, I want to play you some of the -- the -- the -- the conversation between Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity. It's her first questions since -- since the Tucson shooting tonight. Let's just play part of what she had to say.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, FOX NEWS CHANNEL) PALIN: Knowing that that had absolutely nothing to do with an apolitical...


PALIN: ... or perhaps even left-leaning criminal who killed these innocents and -- and injured so many, I didn't have a problem with it being taken down, if, in fact, it actually has been taken down.


COOPER: Has she been unfairly painted here?

CORNELL BELCHER, FORMER OBAMA CAMPAIGN POLLSTER: Well, I don't know if she's been unfairly painted. I know that this has not been a good couple of weeks for her.

I mean, she has shrunk herself -- she's shrunken herself as -- as -- sort of as a national political leader after this incident. I mean, and the -- and the Washington Post poll shows that. The problem, I think, for Republicans now is this, is that the most vocal, you know, well-known voice in the Republican Party right now is a reality TV host star who continues to shrink in the eye -- in the eyes of -- in the eyes of the public.

And I think what you're going to see over the next, you know, couple months here is -- and you are already starting to see some of it -- is the Republican establishment lining up trying to put her in a box.

And I think sort of the contrast between her and Barack Obama over the Tucson incident sort of, you know, really puts front and center some of the contrast here. And it's not a good contrast for the GOP.

I think you're going to continue to see the GOP establishment try to put her in a box, because this woman cannot be the most vocal, most familiar face of the Republican Party, because she's clearly not someone who's trying to be a national leader. She's speaking to a very specific constituency of her -- of -- of her base.

This was an opportunity for Sarah Palin to be bigger and for her to broaden her base. And she's not doing that by going on Hannity. She is not -- she didn't -- she didn't turn 15 people who work for her for her by going on Hannity.

If you're going to be a national, broad-based leader, you have got to reach out, and you have got to reach out to that middle swathe of America. And she's -- and she's -- and she's just not doing that.

COOPER: Dana, I want to play for you the -- the -- the -- what she said about the whole blood libel thing.


PALIN: That term has been used for eons, Sean. So...


PALIN: ... again, it was part of that double standard thing, and goes back to, if it weren't for those double standards, what standards would they have, I suppose.


COOPER: I mean, she -- she seems unwilling to -- to apologize or back off about -- of anything. Do you think she's fair on that?

DANA LOESCH, EDITOR, BIGJOURNALISM.COM: I do think that she's fair on that, Anderson, because it's -- this is exactly what you have.

We have a Tea Party organizer that received a death threat because of all -- you want to talk about rhetoric -- because of all of the things that are being said about conservatives and being said about Tea Partiers and Sarah Palin.

And I don't think that she applied the term incorrectly. And I don't think that it is just inherent to one particular group of people. This term is a common term. I have seen it used exponentially. In fact, she cited in this interview that it was used in a "Wall Street Journal" article just two days prior to this incident.

So, Alan Dershowitz himself has admitted that he's used this term many times. So, it's not as though this is like a -- a newfangled term that she used, and it's -- it's causing offense. This is a common term.

COOPER: Cornell, do you agree with that?

BELCHER: Dana, I just can't -- I can't let her off the hook that easily. I mean, I have got to think that, strategically, she knew what she was doing.

I mean, she comes in with her grievance politics and then she plays the victim, and then she sort of wraps it all up in -- in...

LOESCH: She was defending...


BELCHER: ... in what we know as an anti-Semitic slur. I mean, I -- I just have a hard time letting her off...

LOESCH: This wasn't anti-Semitic. What she was talking about...

BELCHER: ... off the hook on that.

LOESCH: ... is saying that there was -- there was the use of a term that says that people have blood on her -- on their hands. Did you listen to the interview? She laid it out clearly. I don't know how anyone in their right mind can say that this term was inaccurately used. I honestly don't. I -- I question whether we heard the same interview.

BELCHER: Well -- well -- well, there's -- there's -- there's plenty of people -- there's plenty of people of the Jewish faith who tend to think differently and understand this as a historical...

LOESCH: Who defended her using that term.

BELCHER: ... as a historical slur again -- against -- against their people. And I -- and I take their word on it. I think this was strategic on her part.

LOESCH: It wasn't a slur against Jews.

And I find interesting that a lot of people who have -- who have actually been against Israel and who have been against Jewish settlements are suddenly finding themselves sympathetic to the Jews.


BELCHER: Here's -- here's the bottom line. When -- when the -- Jewish organization after Jewish organization comes out and say, this is a -- this is a slur, a -- a racial slur against -- against Jewish people...

LOESCH: And there's been a ton of Jewish organizations that have defended her.

BELCHER: You know what? I'm -- I'm -- I'm going to...


LOESCH: Why do you discount those?

BELCHER: Dana, I don't think there's been a ton of Jewish organizations that have been defending her.

LOESCH: No, no, no. I think that's disingenuous, Cornell. That's disingenuous,

COOPER: Wait. Wait. Not -- not both at the same time.

Cornell, just finish your thought.

LOESCH: No, no, no.

BELCHER: Well -- well, OK, OK. Anderson, you're -- you're keeping everyone honest.

Let's line up the people, the Jewish organizations that have come out and said this is a racial slur, and let's line up the Jewish organizations that say that -- that this is not a racial slur, and let's see where that falls. Let's keep -- let's keep us honest on this. LOESCH: If it means that much to you, instead of actually focusing attention on those who were shot and focusing on the -- the lack of discussion surrounding the fact that we have...

COOPER: But -- but, Dana, couldn't -- I mean, wouldn't...

BELCHER: No, you can't play that. That's -- that's a -- that's a nice little spin game, but the question...

LOESCH: Oh, wait a minute, so, standard...

BELCHER: ... but the question was about -- well, the question was about this...

LOESCH: ... for thee, but not for me?

BELCHER: ... the -- the question about this -- but the question was about this racial -- about this racial slur. Of course this is about -- about...


BELCHER: ... who was shot.

LOESCH: The question is about you cherry-picking which Jewish groups you're going to listen to.

COOPER: But -- but why...

BELCHER: Well, no, you say all these Jewish groups are lining up and supporting her. Let's line them up and let's take a look at them. Let's keep them honest.

COOPER: Dana, why not -- why not just say, well, look, if people are offended by this, I -- I'm sorry, you know, that -- that this is not how I meant the term, I -- I -- I didn't think it should be used in this?

It -- it -- I mean, she rarely -- I have never -- I don't think I have really heard her ever back off of anything she's done, and whether it's the -- you know, the -- the crosshairs on the districts, whether or not you believe they're surveyor symbols, as -- as her campaign is now saying.

I mean, do -- do you think she should be -- say at -- at some point, just, you know, I'm sorry about this, if somebody interpreted it that way, or do you think she has nothing to be apologetic about?

LOESCH: I really side -- and I -- and I side with Alan Dershowitz and many others who have come out saying that this was -- they don't find this to be an incendiary term. And -- and neither do I.

The true test of an analogy isn't how colorful the language is, but whether or not it's accurate. And, in this case, it was accurately applied. And I -- I think it's just a little bit ironic that people would find offense over the fact that this term was used, and not be offended over the fact that you have hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, private citizens who were absolutely persecuted without any evidence because of this tragedy.

I still have yet to hear any apology from anyone who came out saying that, oh, well, it was a Tea Party person, or it was Sarah Palin who did it, or it was Glenn Beck or any number of people. But, instead, they're trying to get Sarah Palin on a term that, really, I think they're trying to scrounge offense for.

BELCHER: Dana, I don't think -- Dana, I don't think -- you know, that term aside, you -- you know, just trying to be all -- in all -- all fairness and all...

LOESCH: Cornell, have you been called a murderer because of Arizona? Because I have.

BELCHER: ... and -- and all honesty -- in all fairness and...

LOESCH: There...


BELCHER: ... all honesty, I -- I -- you know, that -- that term aside, the way Sarah -- Sarah Palin had an opportunity to come out and be bigger this -- this past week, and she didn't. And I think the polling shows that she didn't. She got stuck in grievance, victimization politics...

LOESCH: Yes, let's talk about polling, HCD Research.

BELCHER: ... which is -- which is -- which is not something that you want from your national leaders. She got smaller this week, as opposed -- as opposed to bigger. And I think a lot of people, including...

LOESCH: Oh, no, no, no, no.

BELCHER: ... inside of your party, are going to have a hard time taking her seriously...


BELCHER: ... as a national leader.

COOPER: Dana, I want to give you the final thought, but briefly, because we have got to go.

LOESCH: Media Curves just came out with a study that shows that, actually, the majority of Americans found Sarah Palin to be more sympathetic after her remarks over the -- the -- her remarks over the Tucson shootings.

So, I mean, people can take that for what it's worth. But bottom line is, no one's going to be happy with anything Sarah Palin says, until she puts her head on a platter and offers it -- and offers it up. That's the bottom line.

BELCHER: That's ridiculous.

COOPER: Dana Loesch, Cornell Belcher, difference of opinion. I appreciate your discussing it. Thanks very much.

Sounds like Loesch is making excuses for Sarah Palin, and has to lie about it.

Brad Bartram stated that "Dana Loesch is an idiot," and is right on.

Dana Loesch is an idiot
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