Loesch falsely claims that "Liberals quiet on Conservative Assaults"

So, Dana Loesch is back to her usual tactic: Blame the Liberals... this time regarding on how "Media Matters's Eric Boehlert suddenly cares about women."

Libs Quiet on Conservative Assaults

September 25, 2010
by DanaLoesch

I’ve been watching Media Matters fake concern over the Reid-supporting chick punched at a townhall forum this week.

Suddenly Eric Boehlert is a defender of women. Except when those women are conservative, because hey, Kelly Owens and Allee Bautsch TOTALLY had it coming, right?

Because Media Matters likes to portray itself to its three readers as being objective and high enough to serve as a faux-journalism critique, I expected to find tons on the on-video, cop-witnessed (as per police report) assault of Kelly Owens by the SEIU crowd. So I did a little search in the Media Matters’ archives:

What? That bastion of media purity, the calvary to the rightwing media, the Soros-funded “media” outlet didn’t have anything about the assault of conservative Kelly Owens?

OK, so I imagine that they’re hurriedly drafting a post now to remedy that glaring oversight, since, afterall, they’re such huge defenders of women all of a sudden.

News for you, Dana: Media Matters is NOT funded by George Soros (unlike what the Republicans claim), but there are many Republican groups who do the EXACT same thing and do they bat an eye? NO!

- More lefty assaults, lefty screeching and intimidation, threats of assault, advocating violence, hateful rallies.

Meanwhile, the tea parties repudiate any such things.

Violence in lieu of discourse is wrong, period. Party, ideology is irrelevant.

Why are only the conservatives saying this, though?

Maybe Media Matters can do a story on it.

Dana Loesch is still harping on Gladney (and likely will never stop) and claiming that the "Liberals are violent," when it's the Conservatives doing these vile things.

And since the exact women of whom I speak couldn't bring themselves to repudiate the threats against my family, the Owens assault ...

. @JustinSnyderFL Prove racism. You are a typical sexist liberal male. Congrats for taking ur hand out of ur pants long enough to Tweet.

What a diva this woman is.

She (like rest of the STL Teabagger Hate Cabal) is also endorsing the dishonest Ed Martin in MO-03, Todd Akin in MO-02, and Roy Blunt in MO-Senate.

  • Paying Chris Loesch's business $5,000 while wife Dana Loesch attacked Martin's Republican primary opponent.
  • Hypocritically hiding from debates with John Wayne Tucker

    Cheering on his supporters and campaigners booting and torching a photo of Russ Carnahan.


    A Recent tweet from @STLActivistHub:

    It's excuse for Loesch to attack looks of women she disagrees with. For example, she has said that women in Emily's List have "hair lips."


    Dana Loesch = DIVA!

    If you want proof that Dana Loesch is an arrogant lying Diva, then look no further than this posting:

    Trouble in Tea Party Land?

    Is St. Louis big enough for two tea party divas? There was an extremely interesting comment the other day that read as follows: There sure was a big distance between Dana and Gina Loudon that day. Later Gina had on her Facebook wall:

    Loesch bills herself as the "conservative alternative to old white dudes." Gina Loudon says she's the, "the freshest conservative, Christian voice in the St. Louis area." Hmmm, sounds kinda similar to me. Is Dana peeved that Loudon is copying her schtick? Knowing Loesch, she's probably threatened to sue for copyright infringement about 10 times by now.

    Dana trying to play her "Liberals are using Obama = Hitler imagery" Card again: It's the LaRouchists and Teabaggers doing it.

    The Tea Party Guide to Thoughtful Political Discussion

    Dana Loesch had a post up yesterday bragging about how the tea party "polices" their rallies because they asked a guy to remove a Hitler picture from his sign:

    It's pretty funny that Loesch would brag about that, considering that she defended a billboard comparing Obama to Hitler back in July, on Red Eye:

    It's actually not the first time she forgot her previous ridiculous comments, claiming in August that all Hitler comparisons were from left wing plants.
    More crap from @DLoesch on Twitter:
    Will @debbiehalvorson condemn the behavior of her campaigners after they protested with Palin, et al. Nazi signs? http://bit.ly/9d3dOl #tcot

    Dana Loesch on Good Morning America against James Carville (Carville pwns Loesch):

    Loesch is playing the "Liberals = Trolls/Stalkers" Card again (which she has referred to me, Adam Shriver, and a lot of Liberals):

    Guy is threatening to come to the station. This is what progressives do. This is how they act. And they will never repudiate.
    Just had a hatemailer threaten my children and am contacting authorities NOW. WTF pricks?

    Where are the feminists when yet another conservative female is threatened? Oh, right, heads up asses. Great job, gals.

    Okay, nobody should threaten @dloesch's children, even though she habitually threatens people's jobs (which threatens THEIR children). , theboneblog

    Eric Boehler of MMfA calls her on it:

    Why is RW nut @DLoesch stalking me? http://su.pr/1fjfbl

    Dana Loesch on Fixed and Fools:

    Dana Loesch also is blaming Liberals for an assassination attempt on Jay Nixon (D).

    Wow. Our prayers are with the college dean as he recovers and his family.

    What’s that? Another case of leftist violence?

    Can we get some folks on the left to calm down their rhetoric and CHILL OUT?
    Who's the ones doing all (or most of it) the violence? The Teabaggers.

    The rebuttal from Chad Garrison over at Daily RFT.

    Casey Brezik: Paranoid Schizophrenic Intended to Kill Gov. Jay Nixon

    The man who allegedly stabbed a community college official on Tuesday just before a scheduled appearance of Governor Jay Nixon had intended to kill the governor.

    The Kansas City Star reports that 22-year-old Casey Brezik, a student at Metropolitan Community College -- Penn Vally, thought he had stabbed the governor and was disappointed when learning that the victim was actually the school's dean of instruction, Al Dimmit Jr., who survived the attack.

    The paper reports that Brezik was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia several years ago and had only recently enrolled at the community college. His family says Brezik has a habit of writing anti-government rants on his Facebook page. In 2007 he was committed to mental hospitals at least four times and convicted of drug possession. He wears an anarchist symbol tattoo on his arm.

    She falsely claims that Karl Rove is a RINO, when in fact Rove is nothing but a dirty huckster who belongs in jail.

    The 09.15.2010 edition of Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN transcript with Loesch, Castellanos, and Spitzer segment
    COOPER: Well, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine is -- says he's loving the GOP turmoil.

    He told The New York Times -- and I quote -- "Republicans thought they were embracing the Tea Party, and, at times, it turns into the Donner Party."

    Despite Democratic hopes of Republican cannibalism, however, the enthusiasm and energy of Tea Party supporters should worry Democrats in November.

    Joining me now is Eliot Spitzer, former New York governor and co- host of CNN's new program Parker Spitzer.

    Also tonight, Republican consultant and political contributor Alex Castellanos and blogger and radio host Dana Loesch, who is also the co-organizer of the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition.

    Appreciate all of you being with being us.

    Eliot, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said -- and I quote -- "that shows there's a very vociferous debate going on inside the Republican Party for the hearts and minds of Republican voters." Is he right?

    ELIOT SPITZER (D), FORMER NEW YORK GOVERNOR: Well, of course he's right, but he's also the victim of that debate, because that debate has created enthusiasm, energy.

    The Tea Party is taking over the Republican Party in many states -- in Delaware, not so clear. But, right now, the Democrats are saying, we're no longer setting the agenda. And the fear the Democrats have is that this enthusiasm, even for candidates who Karl Rove admits are not credible, from many other perspectives, may continue through November, and this could be a tsunami that nobody could possibly have predicted.

    COOPER: Dana, do you think O'Donnell is credible? Do you think she can win?

    DANA LOESCH, ORGANIZER, ST. LOUIS TEA PARTY COALITION: I do think she can win. I think she can win as soon as Karl -- people like Karl Rove stop going on television and trying to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

    We haven't even begun to try yet. I liked Michael Steele's approach. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Karl Rove could possibly take some notes from how Michael Steele approached this.

    But that doesn't help, going on camera saying that a candidate isn't credible and just -- and talking about how, well, it took her two decades to pay off her college loans. Well, forgive her for not being rich, like you, Karl Rove, but it doesn't really -- you want to talk about winning moderates and independents, that's not the way you go about it.

    It's really bizarre.

    SPITZER: That's not the only measure of credibility. I don't think Karl Rove is focusing -- is focusing exclusively on, can she win?

    I think there's a reputational harm that he is worried about, when the Republican Party that has a Mike Castle, who has been a serious, thoughtful public servant, is defeated by somebody whose views on issues seem to be so completely disparate and far afield from normal ideas that are tethered to fact and reason.

    I think that is what Karl Rove is scared about. There's a reputational hit the Republican Party will really suffer from if they embrace candidates like this.


    COOPER: Alex, are you concerned about this?

    ALEX CASTELLANOS, CNN POLITICAL CONTRIBUTOR: No, I think it's -- I think it demonstrates a lot of energy in the Republican Party. Look, this is an anti-establishment year, anti-Washington year. People look at all these -- these qualified people we have in Washington and working together in a bipartisan way.

    And in a bipartisan way they've spent the country into bankruptcy. They've put us in debt for -- that will take forever to pay. So they want it to stop.

    And that's what you're seeing, I think, this year is a -- is a populist, a revolt against the establishment of both parties. And they've just eaten the Republican establishment for a snack. Now dinnertime is November, and only Democrats are going to be on the menu.

    SPITZER: Well, you know, that's a great metaphor and I applaud you for it. The problem is that the closest metaphor I think many people can see historically is to the Know Nothing Party, the Know Nothing Party of the 1840s and '50s, which was a populist uprising of anger and venom against the establishment. It burned out pretty quickly when economic times returned to normal. In that case it was anti-immigrant fervor.

    CASTELLANOS: I think there's another historical precedent, Governor Spitzer. I think there's a much larger -- excuse me. I think there's a much larger historical precedent, and that's a country that was founded -- founded by a group of people that didn't want to be told what to do by an elite royalty that thought it had the answer to everything.

    And right now Washington is doing that. It's bankrupted the country. And people are really concerned about it. I think the Republican Party just got a wake-up call that said, "Look, we don't want to send a message out that says we're more concerned about keeping our power in Washington than to listen to Republicans."

    COOPER: Dana -- Dana, do you think it's going to burn out in any way?

    LOESCH: I don't think it's going to burn out. And I want to -- Mr. Spitzer said something that was very interesting, that this isn't tethered in fact or reality.

    I have to point out that Mike Castle is a very incredibly -- he's a very established beltway candidate for sure, but he's also a candidate whose record differed from where the majority of Americans polled, where they fall.

    The majority of people are more identifying with the grassroots movement than they are with people like Mike Castle. I mean, there was a Rasmussen poll that was taken just -- I believe it was in August, where something like 75 percent of -- or thought of the American people thought that the congressional Democrat agenda was too extreme.

    And then you look at all of the tracking that has been taking place. Gallup released a poll also in August showing that the majority of independents, they are favoring the Republican Party, meaning they're favoring the grassroots conservative candidates that are really actually providing a difference in parties.

    SPITZER: You're talking...

    LOESCH: Mike Castle is Democrat light.

    SPITZER: You're talking -- you're talking very persuasively about poll numbers. I'm not talking now about poll numbers or what might happen in a moment in one election at one moment in time.

    What I'm talking about is the seriousness of confronting deficits with policies that will really do something about it. A Bill Clinton who gave us a surplus versus George Bush, whose tax cuts created this. And so I think the difference is certain objective facts that, at the end of the day, will emerge that will shed light -- I think Ron Paul is a fascinating guy, but when he says Keynesianism is dead, he just is simply fundamentally wrong. What is dead is...

    LOESCH: Castle...

    SPITZER: ... the procession of libertarianism that he was a proponent of that took us over the cliff in terms of an economic crisis as close to a depression as we've had in 80 years.

    LOESCH: And TARP Has been supporting policies which tripled our deficits.

    CASTELLANOS: I'm sorry. Excuse me, but look, there's something out there happening that's much bigger than the Tea Party. The Tea Party is certainly a part of it, but when you look around the country, there's a new generation of Republican candidates out there.

    You have independent business women outsiders in California, Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire. You have Bob McDonnell in Virginia; Chris Christi in New Jersey; Scott, Massachusetts.

    All these new candidates have one thing in common. They're outsiders. They're fresh faces. And they don't want to grow Washington's economy; they want to grow America's economy. They want to stop taking money out of the American people's economy and sending it to Washington.

    SPITZER: Let me make something very clear.

    CASTELLANOS: The Tea Party is the easiest part to focus on, because it's got the brightest feathers and is the most colorful, but it's much bigger than that. That's why Republicans are probably going to gain something like 52, 53 seats.

    SPITZER: Alex, I could not agree with you more.

    CASTELLANOS: Ask Americans about Keynesianism being dead. They're voting on it this election. SPITZER: Well, I could not agree with you more about growing the private sector and private sector job creation versus government. And in fact, that is what smart politics is all about.

    What I'm saying is the policies coming out of the Tea Party are simply so disassociated from reality in terms of what it takes to do it. And if you sit down with a Meg Whitman; you sit down with business leaders who have grown business, who have run businesses, they will tell you that what the Tea Party is talking about and what Ron Paul is talking about is simply contrary to good economics.

    And I would suggest to you the nations right now whose growth is outstripping us by huge margins, whether it's India, Vietnam, Japan, even France and Germany, you look at what they're doing, in fact I think you would find out that your perspective is being proven dead wrong by what economics is working.

    COOPER: I want to give Dana the last thought.

    CASTELLANOS: The Democrats...

    LOESCH: Excuse me, with all due respect, though, you can't -- you can't say that economic policy which talks about spending billions of dollars for yet another stimulus after we spent 11 frillion [SIC] dollars for yet another stimulus that contributed to the deficit, that contributed to high unemployment. You can't say that that's good economic policy. And those are all things which the grassroots movement is vehemently against.

    SPITZER: The underlying -- if I could just...

    LOESCH: That's not good economics, that's irresponsible and that's fact.

    SPITZER: I know Anderson -- The reason that was necessary, unfortunately, was because of the deregulatory policies, libertarian policies that were put in place by Tea Party-like false regulators like Alan Greenspan and Larry...

    LOESCH: You mean like Chris Dodd? Because he was...

    SPITZER: Absolutely. Yes, absolutely.

    LOESCH: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and things like that.

    SPITZER: I agree with that. That was not genuine government smart policy. I agree with that critique.

    CASTELLANOS: Spitzer, advice to Democrats, spend more. I love it.

    SPITZER: It's not spending. It took years to do it. What you're saying simply doesn't work.

    LOESCH: ... to keep going.

    COOPER: Good to have you on. Alex Castellanos, Eliot Spitzer, thanks very much.

    A quick reminder. Don't miss Parker Spitzer right here on CNN, 8 Eastern Time October 4, every weekday thereafter until the competition cries uncle, I guess.

    Still ahead on 360, a revelation that has Pennsylvania's governor fuming. It's one thing to keep an eye on potential terrorists but another to conduct surveillance on ordinary Americans. We're going to tell you what this is all about and the fallout that's followed.

    Plus BP back on the hot seat. Tony Hayward grilled in London, insisting that short cuts were not taken to save money. Back in a moment.



    Adam Shriver pwns Dana Loesch, STL Teabagger Hate Cabal Asskisses Roy Blunt

    Adam Shriver, a blogger at the STL Activist Hub, attends the 9/12 Teabagger Rally and questions one of the members of the STL Teabagger Hate Cabal (Dana Loesch) harasses him as a "stalker" and a "defamer." She has also referred me as "a person who sits in Mama's basement defaming my character."

    Some points about the conversation:
  • The reason I hesitated about whether I'm "a Washington University employee" is because I'm on dissertation fellowship this year, so I actually was not sure whether I would be classified as an employee. However, I am pretty sure that I'm not considered "staff." It's not because I was trying to "conceal my identity" as they claim. And for the bazillionth time, I'm not, "using the university's resources to smear and libel private citizens."
  • Dana and her cronies are outright defamatory jerks by going after Shriver with no facts to back it up.

  • Speaking of which, she's still ridiculously claiming that I "libel" and "defame" her by responding to her public political statements. She also claims that responding to her opinions is equivalent to "stalking" her. On this definition, I am also "stalking" Bill Hennessy, Ed Martin, Roy Blunt, Jim Hoft, Adam Sharp, etc. etc. etc. And, for that matter, Dana Loesch is "stalking" Eric Boehlert and President Obama. She sure as hell would be "stalking" Russ Carnahan when she burned a picture of him and said, "This is how a fire smells when it's burning Tyranny" on this definition. But on the real definition, it's not stalking to criticize other people's political viewpoints that they state on blogs or on Twitter. Most people with even a modicum of intelligence realize that once you put a political opinion out on Twitter, people are going to read and respond to it. Likewise, it's not "libel" to use evidence to point out when other people are wrong.
  • As I say in the conversation, all of this blabber about "stalking" and "libel" is an attempt by Loesch to shut down political discourse, and shows just how scared she is of having people actually analyze her comments.

  • Loesch can't stand smart, well-informed people owning her in a debate, so she is a coward and is well-known for refusing to open up the comments on the Dana Radio blog and on her youtube page. Suprisingy, her show's facebook page allows comments (if you fan her).

  • She said I tried to expose "payola situations" and hence was "coming after her job." Well, sorry, but if her husband's business Shock City Studios gets $5,000 from Ed Martin and she fails to disclose that while giving Martin favorable coverage, then I'm going to mention it (BTW, Chad Garrison and another reporter who wasn't in a position to write about it agreed that this was a newsworthy story). It's called "a conflict of interest" and most people are capable of recognizing clear instances of it.
  • She thought she was clever by saying that the Congressional Black Caucus also made a video there so, "does that mean she's in the pocket of the CBC?" But, as I said in the video, I think the rules would be exactly the same. If she was reporting on the CBC, then she would have a duty to disclose that she had a financial conflict of interest. Transparency isn't only a good thing for the government. It's also quite an important feature of a well-functioning media. I tried to explain this to her but her Fox News Guide to Conversation kicked in and she simply ignored my point multiple times before changing the subject.

  • She says that I "attack them personally" but "never address the merits of their ideas." Hilarious.
  • Dana alluded to the right-wing conspiracy theory that health care reform is "unconstitutional." As I point out, this is not true according to the dominent interpretation of the commerce clause: While I agree that the recent commerce clause cases hold that Congress may not regulate noneconomic activity, as such, they also state that Congress may reach otherwise unregulable conduct as part of an overarching regulatory scheme, where the regulation of such conduct is necessary and proper to the success of such scheme. In this case, the overall scheme would involve the regulation of "commerce" as the Supreme Court has defined it for several decades, as it would involve the regulation of health care markets. And the success of such a regulatory scheme would depend upon requiring all to participate. (Among other things, if health care reform requires insurers to issue insurance to all comers, and prohibits refusals for pre-existing conditions, then a mandate is necessary to prevent opportunistic behavior by individuals who simply wait to purchase insurance until they get sick.)

  • The 2010 Health Care Reform Act, while not perfect, is a start.
  • Finally, her comment about "poll numbers" was a complete distraction. We were discussing whether the law was unconstitutional, not whether it was popular. Incidentally, the latest poll shows a very small difference between the number who view it favorably and those who view in unfavorably, 43-45.

  • Dana must've been using Biasmussen polls as usual.


    Also, this moron tried to claim 14,000 showed up, when in fact maybe 4,000 at the most showed up.

    Bill Streeter said this to me on Twitter:

    @JGibsonATRL my estimate is 3k on the high side (99% white)

    Want further proof that the STL Tea Party kisses up to Roy Blunt:
    A long while ago, the St. Louis took their shot at being a group that actually fought for the values they claimed to endorse. They held a press conference demanding that Roy Blunt endorse Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 race over Dede Scozzafava. They said that if he didn't, "We will vote you out! We will come at you with so much heat, you won't even know how to handle it!"

    Roy Blunt didn't endorse Hoffman. He completely ignored the St. Louis tea party. And that was the moment that any claims the St. Louis tea party had of truly standing for conservative values rather than the same old GOP establishment faded away forever. The St. Louis tea party was broken.

    Blunt's primary opponent Chuck Purgason did endorse Hoffman. But that didn't make any difference to the St. Louis tea party leadership. They still supported Roy Bailout Blunt, even as 28 other tea party groups around the state did not (and as, nationally, tea party groups took out Republican incumbents). At yesterday's tea party rally in St. Louis, the St. Louis tea party gave Blunt center stage.



    9/12 Teabagger Rally in STL: The STL Teabagger Hate Cabal's run-up + Tony Perkins claims that "Christian Television will be off the air"

    The STL Teabagger Hate Cabal is leading the charge on that the "rallies aren't political," when fact they are really nothing more than anti-Democrat/Obama rallies, because they can't stand the fact that we have a duly elected Black Democratic president in office.

    First, the Ultimate Satan of the St. Louis Area has this piece, intercepted by Adam Shriver.

    Unintentional Irony Alert: The Astroturf St. Louis Tea Party

    Dana Loesch was angry about the fact that singer Kim Massie backed out of the 9/12 tea party rally because she didn't want to be used as a political pawn, and had the following to say on her blog:
    Something to note: Massie was invited by the Lt. Governor of Missouri and was reportedly excited to debut her song about 9/11 at the 9/12 event. It was never marketed as anything but a tea party event.

    Sad that the left is so uncomfortable with the idea of a huge grassroots movement which isn’t under the sway of a political party.
    So Loesch says that the tea party "isn't under the sway of a political party," just two sentences after noting that the Republican Lt. Governor was helping to book guests for the rally! When Republican politicians are scheduling your guests for you, yes you are under the sway of a political party!

    The St. Louis tea party has been astroturf from the very start, and their support of Republican insiders like Roy Blunt and Ed Martin only reinforces that fact.

    Kim Massie WILL NOT Perform at Tea Party Rally

    Out of the long list of usual suspects who will be speaking at this Sunday's tea party, there was one pretty surprising guest: renowned vocalist Kim Massie. I guess we found out why: apparently, the tea party didn't inform her that this was going to be a political rally.

    At least Kim Massie has the balls to say no to the hatemongers, unlike LaRussa and Pujols.

    Next, the Astroturfing whacko Ed Martin had this from his blog:

    I'm all for people sharing their memories of and reflections about the tragic events from September 11, 2001. It was a catastrophic loss of life and something that is indelibly imprinted on all Americans who lived through that time. Its anniversary should be an event that brings us together in mourning and contemplation, but unfortunately shameless politicians like Ed Martin try to exploit that tragedy to attack their political opponents. Check out these paragraphs from Martin's post today titled "September 11th – Nine Years Later:"
    Next up: Islamophobia at the 9/12 Teabagger Rally: They really are racist whackjobs who hate ANYTHING that isn't white, straight, Christian, Republican, and/or Conservative.

    Tea Party Attendee: "Wish Me Luck and No Muslims"

    A member of the Dallas tea party flying in to St. Louis for the 9/12 rally had this to say today:

    Every one of these idiots is implying that ALL of Islam is evil. I have no idea how anyone could grow up in a population center like St. Louis or Dallas and be so completely ignorant about the fact that decent, hard-working, peaceful Muslims are integrated throughout American society. They have to be locking themselves in a basement 24 hours a day with a radio that only plays 97.1. And even that wouldn't work perfectly, since I heard Dave Glover on the radio making some reasonable comments as he guest hosted Glenn Beck's show. Honestly, I don't understand how people can be that clueless.

    Anyway, if the tea party wants their claims to be "open-minded" and "tolerant" to be taken seriously, they need to condemn these types of comments at their rally.


    If you think that the Teabaggers are just "average Americans who are trying to save our freedoms," then you better think again with this next article in that the Astroturfed Tea Party is encouraging the use of Public Transportation after they demonized it back in April and in other past instances (St. Charles County back in the 90's, etc...)

    Tea Party Asks People To Use The Light Rail They Tried to Destroy

    Only a few months ago, the St. Louis tea party was screaming "SOCIALISM" and claiming that St. Louis did not have the population density to support light rail. They tried to block a sales tax increase that was needed to restore the public transportation system in St. Louis. Fortunately for them, their attempts to defeat EVIL SOCIALIST public transportation failed miserably, because they are now encouraging people to use MetroLink to get to the 9/12 rally:


    ThinkProgress has this dandy: Tony Perkins is falsely trying to claim that "TBN, Daystar, EWTN, INSP, TCT, the whole Right-Wing Pro-Israel Lobby Religious Networks will be shut down." In fact, that will NEVER happen, as long as greedy, Right-Wing Bible-thumping snakeoil preachers are making money. They also love to say that "The Liberals/Anti-Christians are taking our rights away to preach the 'truth' and throwing us in jail" nonsense. A preacher WON'T go to jail for preaching against abortion, homosexuality, etc...

    TBN, Daystar, EWTN, TCT, CBN, and all of the countless other channels ARE aiding and abetting not only the GOP/Focus On The Family/First Things (who Hoft blogs for)-issued talking points, but also peddling the Creationist, Messianic Jewish (Daystar and TBN especially), and the Prosperity Gospel Movement.
    When David Boies debated Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on Face The Nation, he pointed out that while “it’s easy to sit around and debate and throw around opinions, appeal to people’s fear and prejudice, cite studies that either don’t exist or don`t say what you say they do, in a court of law, you`ve got to come in and you`ve got to support those opinions.” “And what we saw at trial is that it`s very easy for the people who want to deprive gay and lesbian citizens the right to vote to make all sorts of statements and campaign literature, or in debates, where they can`t be cross-examined, but when they come into court and they have to support those opinions and they have to defend those opinions under oath and cross- examination, those opinions just melt away,” he said.



    Loesch tweets that "Union Thugs have ruined Labor Day," Rita calls her out.

    There goes Dana Loesch bashing the Unions as usual, this time suggesting that "'Union Thugs' have ruined Labor Day."

    Ah, spending the day remembering what labor used to be like before our working class was bossed around by thugs and co-opted by a party.
    If that nonsense wasn't enough for STL Teabagger Ms. Loesch, She also falsely accused Adam Shriver of cyberstalking, libel, and Defamation.

    @WUSTL Who to report a member of your staff cyberstalking, defaming, libeling ppl? Investigation whether use WashU resources to do so?
    "Ed Martin will give Carnahan a run for his money. . .I like Ed," said St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay of Martin, who will duke it out with incumbent Cong. Russ Carnahan.
    That's from Sunday's Berger's Beat. It's pretty surprising to see an elected Democrat speak so kindly of Ed Martin. Perhaps Mayor Slay will walk that back in a few days.
    Actually, Slay pushed back against Berger's quote in a couple of tweets. First, he took issue with the quote being used out of context:

    Second, he mentioned his own involvement in a fundraiser for Carnahan (not entirely clear whether he's hosting the fundraiser or just participating in it):

    So anyway, yes, Slay is clearly "endosring" Russ Carnahan. I suppose one can ask just how much Slay supports Carnahan, but it's obviously a far different story than what Morley is presenting

    Earlier in the year, I pointed out that Dana Loesch had been ignoring Ed Martin's Republican primary opponent John Wayne Tucker until finally going on an unprovoked, unhinged Twitter rampage against him. Throughout this whole ordeal, Loesch never once disclosed that her husband's business Shock City Studios had received $2,500 from Ed Martin, apparently for the production of a campaign video. The story was picked up by Chad Garrison at the RFT, and this caused the Loeschs to freak out.

    But what I find very strange is that while Loesch was ranting about how clear she is about her ethics, and explaining how she'd never sell her soul for $2,500, she somehow forgot to mention that they actually received $5,000 from Ed Martin, not $2,500. That's right, the $2,500 check previously mentioned was just one of two checks. Shock City Studios received another $2,500 check from Ed Martin in November of 2009. Here are the two different sections of financial reports:
    Finally, on the Second Hour of The Dana Show today, she had a discussion which Rita called in and refuted her Right-Wing anti-Islamic screed and better yet, caller Rita told Loesch: "You're an Idiot." She gets a ton of Cool Points, even though Dana will probably nominate her for Tool Of The Week.

    At around the 22:40 mark of that hour, Rita's exchange with her starts there. At 28:22, the caller (who I agreed with) told the Teabagging Watercarrier "You're an Idiot! Goodbye."



    Bill McClellan opposes Dana Loesch, Glenn Beck, and Albert Pujols; Loesch one of the most influential Twitter users of STL

    In today's St. Louis Post Dispatch and STLToday.com, Dana Loesch has been mentioned in a Bill McClellan Editorial and in a most influential STL Twitter report.

    Politics, religion never mix in this dark comedy

    Sometimes I feel we are all characters in a very dark comedy, but I am at a distinct disadvantage because I do not remember the past the way everybody else does.

    Glenn Beck's recent Restoring Honor rally is a good example. This is the sort of event to which I would normally pay no attention. If Beck and his followers feel they need to restore their honor, that is their business. My honor is just fine. Or else it is beyond restoring.

    The only reason I paid attention to Beck's rally was the participation of Tony La Russa and Albert Pujols.

    La Russa is an interesting character in the dark comedy. In recent months, he's spoken in favor of the Arizona law cracking down on illegal immigration, and he's met with Beck and fellow Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly in the clubhouse. There are very few right-wing vegetarians. Throw in the fact that he is an animal rights activist and a resident of the Left Coast and you can see that he belongs to an exclusive club.

    Pujols appears to be exactly what he seems: a devout Christian.

    He talks about the I Have A Scheme Rally and is no fan of Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly, aka Billo The Clown. I am a Cardinals/Pujols fan, but they had NO BUSINESS being at Beck/Palin's Teabaggerpalooza at the Steps of the Lincoln Memorial at all!

    On Monday night, I turned on the television to watch the Cardinals. The game was boring. I did something I hardly ever do. I hit the remote control to see what was on the next channel.

    It was Larry King. One of his guests was Dana Loesch. She is a conservative radio talk-show host here in St. Louis. What's more, she used to write a column for the online edition of this paper. Her column was called "Mamalogues." It was very clever, and sometimes intensely personal. I remember when she wrote about pretending to be gassy so she would not have to have sex with her husband. But that was written with a light touch, and it was impossible to read her column and not like her. At least for me.

    On King's show, Larry King Live, she was kicking a dead horse in the person of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Apparently, the day after the rally to restore honor, Beck had said that most Americans would not recognize President Barack Obama's version of Christianity. So Loesch apparently felt compelled to bring up Wright to shore up that point.

    So Loesch was using the same old shit about Jeremiah Wright, most likely to fire up her fanbase into a tizzy. She is clearly a nutbag who's skills are berating people who disagree with her.


    Next up:

    Among the reports highlights:

    *The average user in St. Louis has 257 followers and tweets once a day.

    *The most influential Tweeter in St. Louis is Chris Reimer, the chief marketing officer at Scorch marketing. Reimer has more than 40,000 followers. Rounding out the top four are conservative alternative radio host Dana Loesch and baseball bloggers Matthew Leach and the Post-Dispatch's own Derrick Goold.

    By the way, Justin Bieber is the second most mentioned among St. Louis Twitter users.

    Dana Loesch is clearly a liar and an insane nutcase.

    Lurker said this, via STLtoday.com:

    Loesch is a complete political hack these days. She USED to be kind of entertaining with her stories of her boys, but she hasn't had an original though in years. Now all she knows how to do is regurgitate rightwing chainmails. Sad.

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