GOP flunky Dana Loesch continues to misleadingly accuse the Dems of "pushing a 'war on women'"

Yet again, CNN (or TeaNN) "contributor" and KFTK radio host Dana Loesch is blaming DEMOCRATS for instigating the War On Women, when she knows damn well it's the GOP and herself that's instigating the War On Women.

Big Government:

Earlier today, progressive females in various cities protested against the fabricated "war on women" Democrats convinced them that the GOP is waging. The goal of the "United Against War On Women" protest? Something about birth control and abortion.  
I followed the #UAWOW stream on Twitter and saw much Republican-bashing and blustering about how progressive women are apparently being physically restrained by Republicans from entering places like Costco and Target to obtain $9 a month birth control. If these self-described "sluts" and "cunts" are so upset over inequality, where were the signs about the pay inequality in Barack Obama's own administration?  
Where are the signs protesting Democrat policies which caused more women to lose jobs than men in March? Republicans have been prevented by the Senate from passing a single jobs bill and every one they've propose has been destroyed; meanwhile the Senate celebrates its third year of not passing a budget tomorrow.
Where are the signs protesting how women have lost seven times the jobs of men?
Where are the signs protesting the statistics that one in two college graduates are unemployed?
Where are the signs protesting high gas prices? Higher grocery bills?
Where are the signs protesting real suppression of women?
Where were the signs protesting Democrats using VAWA as a political checkers piece?
Oh, that's right. It wouldn't help to promote a false narrative designed to manipulate women into voting for Democrats.
Women used to protest to get the government out of their lives. Today, progressive women protest to bring government back into our lives. The patriarchy wins. 

For God's sakes, Dana, you are out of touch with reality and you're busy jackin' it in San Diego to care about the truth.

She also baselessly accused the Senate Democrats of "not passing a budget for a 3rd year in a row." Actually, it's the GOP that's obstructing in order to appease their hard-right teahadist base.

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Islamophobic hatemonger Dana Loesch continues to smear Muslims

On Tuesday's edition of KFTK 97.1's The Dana Show, notorious Islamophobe Dana Loesch revived the false and widely debunked smear (that her current employer CNN debunked) that "President Barack Obama attended a 'madrassa' in Indonesia."

During Loesch's radio show, a caller said: "Obama said -- when he was talking about Romney -- he was saying that he wasn't born with a -- he was talking about himself -- wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But he was born with a Quran in his hand."
Instead of correcting the caller by pointing out that Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim, Loesch said: "Well, yeah, I mean, he did study -- he went to one of the madrassas over in Indonesia for a while. So he knows -- I mean, he -- which is kind of like the equivalent in Islam of a Catholic school in Catholicism. So there's that." 
Later, another caller took issue with Loesch's drawing a parallel between Islamic schools and Catholic schools:
CALLER: You know, I grew up in Catholic school. You know, I did eight years there. And, you know, we learned the Ten Commandments, we learned about God, turning the other cheek, loving thy neighbor. You've got books for these schools, these Islamic schools, that show them where to cut off appropriately for the hand and feet of infidels. You know, it's math, language, and then how to build bombs in these schools. You know, to say that it's --
LOESCH: Well, no, it's, it's --
CALLER: -- to compare it to, you know, Catholic schools --
LOESCH: [caller's name]
CALLER: -- is a little stretch.
Loesch clarified that she believes those schools are "analogous" to Catholic schools because Muslims "have schools that train up children in the doctrine, in the religion that they practice, just like in Catholicism." She continued:
LOESCH: Now, what they teach isn't the same. And I didn't say that what they taught was the same.
LOESCH: In our Bible -- and [caller], you know this, too. In our Bible, it doesn't say, you know, find the infidel where they lay and slay them. I mean, that's -- you know, the new covenant with man and the New Testament is all about love and forgiveness. And, you know, you read the Quran, which I have, and that's not in there.

From the 04.24.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

The Washington Post's Erik Wemple wrote about Loesch's blatant lie on Madrassagate.

●Dana Loesch, a CNN contributor, endorses the act of urinating on Afghan soldiers on her radio show
Loesch issued more nonsense this week, as exposed by Media Matters. A caller was riffing off President Obama’s claim that he wasn’t born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth. ”But he was born with a Koran in his hand.”
Loesch, ever the crusader for factual integrity, scolded the man, saying, ”I am sorry, but we don’t have any documentation regarding what he had in his hand at birth. Please do not stretch the truth on my radio show.”
That inquiry fetched this response from Loesch: 
OK, so that explains how Loesch feels about Media Matters.
When MMfA acknowledges that they’re under fire for repeatedly publishing antisemitic content, when they can explain why they coincidently received money from SEIU to target black conservatives in the wake of Kenneth Gladney, when they clarify what they meant when they accused the US of bombing Al Jazeera, and when they detail how often they convene with the White House on strategy (i.e. DOJ story), then I’ll be interested in responding on a nonstory from this joke of a far-left propaganda smear site. Until then, I’m more interested in seeing stories on why we have 300 dead Mexicans and two dead border agents on Eric Holder’s watch.
Thanks for reaching out, it is genuinely appreciated.
In her September 2010 column on her radio show's page on WordPress, Loesch baselessly accused "all Muslims as violent terrorists."

Who burned the Koran that resulted in the murder of ten Christian missionaries last month
Or the murder of CIA agents earlier this year?
Or the USS Cole?
Or the countless airplane hijackings, discotheque bombings, etc., etc., etc. 
Obama says that “As Americans, we will not or ever be at war with Islam.” 
How many thousands of people must be murdered by Islam before he stops saying such?
Where did this nation’s balls go?

No, Ms. Loesch, almost all the Muslims are peaceful and non-violent, and it's only the radical fundamentalist Islam types such as the Wahhabis and Al-Qaeda that do the terrorist activities, which are disavowed by the mainstream Islamic community.

Joel Pollak at Big Journalism falsely accuses Media Matters for America of being Islamophobic:

Whether antisemitism or Islamophobia or hatred of black conservatives, Media Matters for America is not above any form of prejudice--as long as it suits the left's agenda and President Barack Obama's re-election. Case in point: the false claim that Dana Loesch "smeared" Obama by stating--correctly--that he studied in a Muslim school, or madrassa.
In the Muslim world, any religious school is a madrassa--not just the radical, terror-teaching madrassas we hear about in Pakistani border regions, but also your friendly neighborhood storefront that teaches Arabic lessons after school. 
Loesch, who is a Breitbart News editor and CNN contributor, pointed out--again, correctly--that a madrassa is roughly analogous to Sunday school in the Christian world. 
Media Matters cannot, and does not, take issue with any of the above--but tries, laughably, to associate Loesch with a false Islamophobic stereotype, as part of its obsessive campaign to remove Loesch from the airwaves--and to drive conservative voices in general out of the American media, the surest sign that the left cannot handle democratic debate and therefore is trying to prevent it.

Pollak, it is YOUR own site (and yourself) that tends to be Islamophobic, NOT MMFA!


Loesch selling baloney to her Big Journalism readers by declaring the "Democrats have pushed a 'War On Students'"

President Barack Obama is proposing cheaper student loans, and the right-wing reaction to anything Obama does or says is feigned outrage.


President Obama went after the college vote Tuesday, pitching cheaper student loans as he courted the one age group where he has a decided advantage over Republican rival Mitt Romney. The twist? Romney, too, has endorsed the idea, though it's unclear whether deficit-leery Republicans in Congress will go along. 
In the race for the White House, both the Obama and Romney campaigns see huge opportunities to court younger voters. This week, their efforts are focused on the millions of students — and their parents — who are grappling with college costs at a time when such debt has grown so staggering, it exceeds the totals for credit cards or auto loans.
Obama's emphasis on his personal experience set up a contrast with Romney, whose father was a wealthy auto executive. It's a point the president is sure to return to during this summer's campaigning. 
Late Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., introduced legislation that would keep the interest rate for subsidized loans for poorer and middle-class students at their current level for another year at a cost of $5.9 billion. The timing is important because the rate will double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent on July 1 without intervention by Congress, an expiration date chosen in 2007 when a Democratic Congress voted to chop the rate in half. 
Some conservative activists have denounced Romney's decision to match Obama's position on student loan rates. 
"Mitt Romney is going to sell out conservatives in his party" to improve his chances in the November election, Michael Brendan Dougherty wrote in a blog carried by sites including Free Republic.

In her blogpost at Big Journalism today, pathological liar Dana Loesch misleadingly declared that the "Democratic Party and Obama are waging a 'war on students.'

Mitt Romney agrees with Barack Obama on extending student loans because Republicans haven't yet figured out how to sell economic responsibility--or battle the media attacks that come with it. It doesn't inspire the confidence needed to maintain a positive outlook on the general election.  
Romney found it easier to agree with Obama on extending student loans because not doing so would have invited relentless attack on how Romney hates everything and everyone from children to intelligence. In reality, the hesitation comes from what extending the law would do--prop up increasing tuition rates at mostly-progressive strongholds for students who voluntarily agree to accrue a massive amount of debt, all without a way to pay for it.  
If conservatives on Twitter can do it, why can't Mitt Romney?
The inability for graduates to find jobs happened on Barack Obama's watch. The war on students Democrats are waging today actually began in 2007. Then-Senator Barack Obama found campaigning a more important issue than casting a vote to extend the law which suppressed student loan interest rates at 3.4%.  
Instead of playing along, challenge it, GOP. Democrats don't need any help with their war on students. 

There is a "war on students" perpetrated all right, but it's done by the GOP and folks like Loesch, NOT President Obama and the Democratic Party.


CNN and KFTK's resident xenophobe Dana Loesch: "Martin Bashir can go back to the UK for all I care"

On yesterday's edition of The Dana Show on KFTK 97.1 FM, CNN "Contributor" and racist xenophobe Dana Loesch told MSNBC's Martin Bashir to "get out of this country, and if want to cover politics and celebrities, do it back in your home country."

From the 04.19.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show: 

Loesch is an arschloch (or asshole).

The Raw Story:

Dana Loesch is apparently furious at MSNBC’s Martin Bashir. Yesterday, Bashir called former Massachusetts Governor and presumptive Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney a liar and said that by his own faith’s tenets, he’s going to hell for what he said about President Obama and the economy. 
That was apparently more than Loesch, an CNN contributor, erstwhile Andrew Breitbart protege and supporter of corpse desecration could stomach hearing about her party’s nominee. In a sputtering freakout rant from Thursday’s edition of “The Dana Show,” the CNN contributor called Bashir “an unintelligent hack,” and “a foreigner,” who isn’t qualified to cover U.S. politics.

I have some news for you, Dana! Bashir is more qualified than you to cover American politics in a truthful and an efficient manner. And this will embarrass you even more: Piers Morgan (British) (who has had Loesch on at least twice and on CNN, the same channel where she works) is also a "foreigner", as are Rush's lead sub Mark Steyn (Canada), FBN/FNC's Stuart Varney (British) (a former CNN employee), CNNI's Christiane Amampour, CNN's Ashleigh Banfield (Canada), CNN's Fareed Zakaria (India), CNN's Ali Velshi (Kenya), and former FNC and CNN's Kiran Chetry (Nepal), to name a few non US-born journalists. And by her own definition, this also includes Birther nut Orly Taitz (Moldova) and Dinesh D'Souza (India).


In her anti-union Big Government post, Loesch defends Walker and Kleefisch from possible recalls

In her Big Government post, anti-union numbnut Dana Loesch defended Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (R) from the grassroots Recall Walker movement. As usual, she was delusional enough to falsely declare that the Walker/Kleefisch reforms "are helping Wisconsin."

No other race in the country better embodies the struggle between conservative and progressive ideals than the recall battle over Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor. 
The incumbent is former stay-at-home-mom and journalist Rebecca Kleefisch, whose ascent through the state party was a hard-won battle against the establishment, waged by a fed-up citizen. Kleefisch didn't just fight the GOP establishment and win by double-digits; during the primary she also fought and defeated colon cancer. 
In contrast, Big Labor has put up its own candidate. Of the five Democrats who've filed, Mahlon Mitchell seems the most likely candidate to emerge for the June 5th showdown. Mitchell shares the same far-left ideology of the labor protesters who trashed the capitol and sent death threats to Republicans. Mitchell landed in hot water with the labor protesters when he got too friendly with Walker in exchange for some reform exemptions; later, when pressure grew, he joined in the marches and led chants against Walker and Kleefisch. (Apparently, he didn't condemn the appalling and criminal behavior of the protesters, either.) 
Mitchell opposes the the very reforms of collective bargaining privileges that have brought Wisconsin voters the economic stability they desired. Democrats want to keep holding elections at the public's expense until they get the results they want. In the meantime, their far-left, out-of-state interests will pump somewhere around $80 million into the Wisconsin Democrat party--a chunk of that into Mitchell's campaign--in their assault on economic reform.
The reforms Kleefisch has helped to enact during her tenure as Lieutenant Governor have saved the state millions of dollars.

Mahlon Mitchell (D) will likely be the next Lt. Governor of Wisconsin, whether Loesch and her ilk like it or not!

She continues with this stupid statement:

Make no mistake: a loss in Wisconsin will derail the first generation of reform governors. It will affect every other state, and give the President a singular victory from which to campaign as he slides his failed policies off the table.  
Not only that, but a loss for Kleefisch could discourage other women from running for office. Conservative women have been met with a barrage of abuse simply for being conservatives, and Kleefisch is no exception. If other potential female conservative candidates see what the left is capable of doing to one currently in office, don't expect to see them take on the heat of a campaign in the future.

In fact, the Walker/Kleefisch "reforms" in Wisconsin are NOT working, much to the chagrin of the Walker/Kleefisch apologists. Their asinine polices have led to job LOSSES, not gains, and they're blaming the DEMOCRATS for it?!

Badger Democracy has the Top 10 reasons why Kleefisch needs to be pink-slipped:

1. Kleefisch lied in the 2010 election about the level of tax increase under Doyle, misrepresenting it by over $2 billion – a lie Politifact couldn’t even miss
2. In the 2010 election, during an interview with Fox 6 in Milwaukee, compared same-sex relationships with having a relationship with inanimate objects, in spite of her uncle being in an openly gay relationship for over 18 years.

3. Frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies (such as Sheboygan) in summer 2010 – coined the phrase “open for business” and railed on the role of Government in ruining the economy in Wisconsin, even when the real cause of the recession was lack of regulation on speculative and risky investment ventures; not too much government.

4. After leaving WISN-TV in Milwaukee, became a “conservative correspondent” for Charlie Sykes, conservative radio talk show host in Milwaukee.

5. Kleefisch pushes for abstinence only sex-ed.

6. She is anti-reproductive rights, even in cases of rape, incest, or the mother’s life being in danger.

7. Anti-embryonic stem cell research, in spite of scientific evidence that adult stem cells are not as effective for research.

8. Considers the top quality necessary for a Governor  is “…to be a Christian man…”, in her own words, 28 seconds in on the video. 
9. Along with Scott Walker, broke a campaign promise to immediately begin paying their increased pension contribution upon taking office. They only complied when mandated to do so by newly enacted law, along with other state employees.

10. Kleefisch has never before been elected or appointed to public office, has no fiscal managerial experience, and has no qualifications to serve as Governor. Being a middle market news reporter does not qualify you for the high office of Lt. Governor, or Governor. 
The fact is, Kleefisch was not qualified to be Lieutenant Governor in the first place – a fact simply ignored by the media during the campaign, and Wisconsin voters who either didn’t vote, or were seduced by Scott Walker. She is a fundamentalist, whose ideology does not (contrary to her speeches and ads) reflect or care about the majority of Wisconsin. Now is the time to call her out for what she is, and for her support of Scott Walker.

I sure hope she and Walker both are recalled. And you can donate some of your money to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's Recall Walker Campaign, via ActBlue.

Dana Loesch visits Chicago, still baselessly claims the "Democrats have a war on [conservative] women"

Yesterday in Chicago, Illinois, CNN "Contributor", Big Journalism EIC, and KFTK radio host Dana Loesch continued her trashing of the Democrats and the Occupy Movement.

Key Points

  • "Wisconsin-- I said this in my speech-- is the birthplace of the new American Revolution. But Chicago is the birthplace of the American conservative movement-- the Tea Party." (approx. 0:30)
  • Loesch: "10+ years ago, I was a Democrat. I was a registered Democrat. I was a young college women. It was marketed to me as the party of 'pro-women,' pro-equality', or 'pro-whatever.' Then I quickly realized that was not the case." (approx. 1:00)
  • Loesch falsely declared that the ""Democrats instigated the 'war on women.'" No, Dana, it's YOU and YOUR GOP that did that, moron! (approx. 1:30)
  • Loesch baselessly accuses the "DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and moveon.org of using it as a 'fundraising tool' to benefit the Democratic Party." (approx. 2:11)
  • Loesch: "firearms level the playing field." (approx. 3:30)
  • She said that the "Liberal/Progressive/Democrat Feminist Movement" has come full circle. (approx. 4:05)
  • She falsely claimed that the "Democratic Party is male-dominated and patriarchal." Wrong party, ma'am! (approx. 4:15)
  • She misleadingly states the "progressives and Occupy support raping of women." (approx. 4:30)
  • She took a cue from the now-deceased Andrew Breitbart: "Stop raping people! Behave yourselves!" (approx. 4:40)
  • Loesch: "The Democrat Party has robbed me of my choice." (approx. 5:05)
  • She then declared that "the policies of my former party prevents me from staying at home." (approx. 5:14)
  • She baselessly said that "her husband can't create more jobs because of the Democrats' policies and want to confiscate his resources for doing so." (approx. 5:18) She's an idiot!
  • She took a shot at Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke for supporting access to birth control and contraception. (approx. 6:01)
  • Loesch: "I've been on 1 vacation in ten years. How many does the guy in the White House [Obama] take?" I have some news for you, Dana: Bush 43 took more vacations than Obama. (approx. 7:05)
  • Loesch: "The Democrat Party is the party of pro-choice. It's the party of no choice." Wrong party, lady! (approx. 7:30)
  • Loesch: "We are here to take our country back [from the Democrats], starting in June in Wisconsin." (approx. 8:50)

Eric W. Dolan at The Raw Story calls out Loesch's deliberate falsehoods:

CNN contributor and blogger Dana Loesch said Monday at the Tea Party Tax Day rally in Chicago that women “get raped” for supporting liberals and progressives like the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. 
“What did women receive for supporting the left?” she asked the crowd. “You’ve seen it here with your Occupy movement, haven’t you? They get raped.” 
“This man on my shirt had a message that I think needs to be reiterated since it keeps happening,” Loesch said, wearing a shirt picturing the late Andrew Breitbart. “Stop raping people! Behave yourselves!” 
When asked about the “Occupy Wall Street” protests after her speech by independent YouTube reporter John Sheehan, Loesch said she was “fascinated” by the movement, but did not understand its purpose. After being questioned about crime at the “Occupy” protests, she said that all she knew was that the movement was about “vandalism and rape.”

Loesch attacks Dolan on Twitter for telling the truth about her:

ABL (Angry Black Lady) at The Raw Story also tears her a new one for lying about the OWS Movement:

The report to which conservatives gleefully point as proof that Occupy Wall Street condoned or encouraged or failed to address the rape of its members has been debunked over and over again. It is simply not true. Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement stated that neither the victim nor the rapist were Occupiers. They were homeless people who set up a tent nearby the Occupiers. Dana Loesch, however, has an on-again/off-again relationship with the truth, and what she must know to be the truth won’t stop her from continuing to flog a lie, as if out of fealty to the late Andrew Breitbart. 

Rape is not a partisan issue. Rape is not punishment that is doled out for being a Republican or a Democrat. The very implication is appalling and has no place in political discourse. That Loesch is using rape as a political football — and repeatedly lying about it — demonstrates her utter lack of respect for women, and her willingness to victim-blame. “You were raped? Too bad — you shouldn’t have supported the left.” Is this really the sort of rhetoric that CNN condones and wants to associate itself with?


Dana Loesch visits Madison, Wisconsin, and lies her butt off

Yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin, CNN "Contributor" and paid GOP hack who pretends to be an independent Conservative Dana Loesch spoke at the Wisconsin Tax Day Rally, which was of course attacks on Democratsunions, supporters of Walker's recall, and liberals.

At the Tax Day Rally, Loesch relied on her numerous falsehoods.

Key Points

  • She declared Wisconsin "ground zero" between unions and union-busters. Guess which side she's on? (approx. 0:57)
  • Loesch: "We are fighting the Reds." (Reds in this case is code for anti-Walker/Kleefisch and pro-union activists) (approx. 1:28)
  • She falsely claims that the "Democrats have launched the 'War On (Stay-At-Home) Moms.'" (approx. 1:48)
  • She mentions that she was a former registered Democrat, but when September 11th, 2011 hit, Loesch said: "good-bye Dems and I thank God we have a Republican in office." (approx. 2:00)
  • Loesch: "I left that party (Democrat Party) of motley crews, rudeness, crassness, and absolute Marxist confusion because of the way they exploited women" (approx. 2:18) No, Dana, it's the GOP that's exploiting women, you asshole!
  • She misleadingly accuses the Democratic Party of launching a "war on women." Wrong, Ms. Loesch! (approx. 2:35)
  • She was cheerleading for the corrupt Lt. Gov of Wisconsin, Rebecca Kleefisch (R), who happens to be the subject of a recall. (approx. 2:44)
  • She slammed the Democrats, SEIU, AFL-CIO, and other liberal-leaning groups for calling out people like her. (approx. 2:59)
  • She misleadingly attacks Democrats as "sexists, misogynists, and creeps." (approx. 4:00)
  • Loesch was telling lies about the history of the Democratic Party. (approx. 5:00)
  • She falsely states that Walker's "reforms" are "saving the state thousands of dollars." Wrong, Walker's bankrupted that state. (approx. 5:38)
  • Loesch: "I'm a hard-working, private sector, homeschooling mom." (approx. 5:45)
  • Loesch: "The Democrats and unions want to rob our money, our benefits, our children's education." (approx. 6:01)
  • While she portrays her family as "blue-collar and hard-working," she and her husband (Chris) are anything but that. (approx. 6:29)
  • She misleadingly claims that "20,000+ jobs will be provided by the building of Keystone XL." (approx. 6:45)
  • She falsely blames the Democrats and Obama for "shutting down oil." (approx. 7:10)
  • The crowd blurted out "She [Kleefisch] rocks!" Nope, she sucks! (approx. 8:14)
  • Loesch: "The Democrats, Leftists, Liberals, Marxists, Socialists, and Fascists can bite me!" (approx. 9:00)
  • She is still attacking the Democrats for "stalling progress, reform, attacking moms, etc." That's not true, ma'am! (approx. 9:15)

Later that night, she was on CNN Newsroom with Don Lemon, and of course, she was being rude, discourteous, and just flat-out dishonest.

From the 04.14.2012 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom:

LEMON: That was just on television. Should have heard on the radio and what people were writing about, even some conservative bloggers wrote about it. One of them is here tonight. And we have quite an interesting exchange on twitter. Can't we all just get along? 
Noel Sheppard is the assistant editor or "News Busters." Boy, do I have some questions for you. And so does Goldie Taylor, and so does Dean Obeidallah. We got some questions for you. 
Well, Dana Loesch, we know you, because you're a CNN contributor and the editor of the late Andrew Breitbart's Web site, bigjournalism.com. 
So, more on the n word later guys, I just want to thank you all for joining us because I just want to talk to the conservatives. I want to just talk to the - you know, have this faith balance thing from the Democrat and then from the conservatives. This has pop to the conservatives tonight. And as I said, I don't mean the democratically approved ones or the Democrat approved one, like you guys said.
OK. So listen, there's always a spin from both sides. 
So Noel, I want to ask you this, this is -- this is right up "News Busters" alley. So, how is this so-called liberal media doing telling this story, are they getting it right so far? 
NOEL SHEPPARD, CONTRIBUTING WRITER, FOX FORUM: What you said and what Suzanne said or --? 
LEMON: No, I'm talking about hooker gate. Let's talk about the secret service. And so, I was saying the secret service, this is right up your alley. So, in your assessment, watching the media so far report this since it broke today, the so-called liberal media, how are they doing? Are they getting it right so far? 
SHEPPARD: got to tell you, Don, I'm actually not prepared to discuss that. I really didn't pay a lot of attention to the story today. I was writing about other things. 
LEMON: All right. Interesting Dana, because are conservatives going to capitalize on this, or is this something that doesn't make a difference as a reflect - at any reflection on the White House at all? 
DANA LOESCH, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think the thing that scares me the most is you have secret service men who are assigned to protect the president of the United States, and then down -- going down to Colombia, he's not -- I mean, he's not being protected. You have them - they were supposed to be one of the part of the advance team. I think I read a little early today. I've been in Wisconsin here for a fantastic rally with Americans for Prosperity, and the Wisconsin tea party up here. 
So I came in, I was eating my dinner. I was looking at the story. And my first thought, Don, seriously was, wait a minute, now, I get we disagree with the president on policy. We disagree with Democrats. But I have a problem with the people who are assigned to protect the president not being there protecting him. So that was my first thought. And that's what I was looking into first. 
Now, in terms of, you know what the media has written or what they haven't written about it, or any sort of spin, I haven't seen anything yet. Because I still think that people are trying to get the facts out there. But long story short that was my first concern. And I hope that was everybody else's first concern, too. 
LEMON: Yes. I think what people were saying is that, OK, this is an election year, and if it was something that happened during a Republican administration, the Democrats would certainly try to spin it. And it's something that happened during a Democratic administration, while the Republicans are going to try to spin it. And so, that was my question. That was the impetus to my question, is this going to be used in an election year in the political process? 
LOESCH: Well, I don't know. Because I - some of the - I read an interview that an individual gave earlier today. Again, I've been out rallying all day. I read an interview that someone gave today who worked with the secret service. And they were saying that this is kind of a problem with the secret service that's been sort of happening for a while, and then they mentioned, was this a White House party that occurred about what a year and a half ago, two years ago, where you had the Salahis I believe, her last name was that crashed this party -- 
LEMON: Salahis. Salahis, yes. 
LOESCH: Yes, Salahis. They crashed this party. And they were able to get there. They were able to do their photo-ops. That's something that should have never happened. So from seeing that and just seeing the reports on it, this seems to be a problem that's been festering for a while. I think we need to get all the facts of the matter before we can try to play politics with it. 
LEMON: Wow. That was really - I can't believe there is some consensus on that. 
SHEPPARD: Yes, I mean. Don, I would say that as well. As I think this is kind a new story, so let's see how this plays out the next couple of days or week. Then we can get a sense how to how the media will play this. 
LEMON: OK. All right. All right. So Noel and Dana, you might have missed this moment this week. I'm joking, but any way, I just want to make sure you see it before we talk about it. Here it is. 
HILARY ROSEN, CNN POLITICAL CONTRIBUTOR: His wife has never worked a day in her life. She's never really dealt with the economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and how do we worry and why do we worry about their future. 
LEMON: OK, conservatives. Dana, is this a real conflict or is this a political or media driven story? I haven't heard, I have to be honest to you. And this is just me. This is unscientific survey here. Most of the women in my life who I have spoken to are not talking about the story and they have no idea who Hilary Rosen even is. And the only people who are talking about it are people in politics and politics in the media. 
LOESCH: I think everybody is talking about it. Within 24 hours, you had David Axelrod make a statement on it. You have -- 
LEMON: I'm talking women. I'm talking women. And people outside of the political process. 
LOESCH: As did the first lady. So Don, where are you at? 
LEMON: No, no, I said. No, no, no, listen to my question. I said people outside of politics and outside of the media. 
LOESCH: OK. I think it is a problem. I ran into a lot of women today who aren't in the media, and I had lunch with some women earlier this afternoon who actually didn't go out to the rally, and they were saying, yes, you know, we heard about this. It's a little bit unsettling, because, you know, we're mothers. We've raised children. It's kind of a problem. I think Democrats are realizing that they sort of have an optic problem when it comes to reaching out to some women voters. 
I mean, it's great to talk about the Lily Ledbetter Act, which actually the labor secretary is the least that did not have any impact at all whatsoever. I think there's a problem with optics right now. 
You can't reach out to a voting bloc, which is going to drive the election, let's be frank. Women, mothers especially, drive every election. They do. You can't reach out to a voting bloc while at the same time your party going out there and saying there's a war on women, and then actually saying things like this about women. 
And it's not just, you know, Hilary Rosen. We're talking about there's a democrat down in Florida representative Randolph who went off on a tirade against mothers on his twitter page and on facebook just in the fast several days. The Democratic Senatorial Committee has been using the war on women for a long time. Move On has been using this phrase for a long time. 

LEMON: Dana? 
LEMON: You have to let the men get in on this. 
LEMON: Noel is just sitting there patiently, waiting to get in. We're being gentlemen here. We are letting the women have their say but, my God, let him say a word. I just - Noel, you can -- 
LEMON: Go ahead. 
SHEPPARD: Don, this proves there is no Republican war on women. I'm letting her say whatever she wants. So this should completely dispel this notion that Republicans have a war on women. 
The reality here, this was a big misstep for the Obama administration and for the Obama campaign. They've been talking about this phony war on women since early January, and it's been very, very much assisting the president in the polling numbers where suddenly he's beating Romney by 18, 19 points, and all of a sudden someone that nobody outside of the beltway has ever heard of makes this really stupid remark about Mitt Romney's wife, and this is going to be an issue and the president had to immediately talk about it, Axelrod had to talk about it. And I think that this little rally that Obama has had with regard to women, I think that rally has faded and now the question is, how far is this going to plummet? How much of his 18, 19-point lead -- 
LEMON: OK, OK. Noel, I don't have a blog like you. I have time issues. I have to say, Dana, you are a big girl. You can handle it. Someone just e-mailed and said, I will be honest, this woman is lying. I have yet to hear one person outside of CNN talk about the Ann Romney story and that's from a woman. That's all I'm saying. 
LEMON: But hang on, listen. I'm going to talk to you -- 
SHEPPARD: That settles it. 
LEMON: I'm going to talk to you in a bit, because Noel, you wrote something about me and we'll talk about the n word and the Trayvon Martin story. You talked about me in "News Busters." You talked about the n word now being used on CNN, saying, if it dramatizes racism, Lemon certainly thinks so. I'm going to ask you about that. 
Dana, your site wrote something about me and filmmaker Spike Lee as it relates to the Trayvon Martin story. I want to talk about that. 
All right. We'll talk about that. So, stand by, guys. More of the stories that you are talking about in just a moment. We will be back right after a break. 

Loesch will also be speaking at Chicago's Tea Party Tax Day rally tomorrow.


Dana Loesch STILL falsely accusing the "Dems of starting the War on Moms"

Today, Big "Journalism" EIC Dana Loesch is STILL accusing the "Democrats of starting the 'War on Moms'" and covering to defend Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney.

On Big Government, she baselessly blamed the Democrats "for starting and owning the 'War on Moms.'"

In February of this year Hilary Rosen of the Obama-associated PR firm SKDKnickerbocker, was brought in to advise DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on public relations.
The following month the DNC Chair was warning of "Romney and the Republicans war on women." I'm not sure how Rosen can claim that the GOP made up a Democratic buzzword when it was her client who made it most famous. 
Rosen's close proximity to the Obama team is why David Axelrod and Jim Messina were so quick to toss her under the bus; their surrogates are working overtime to push as much distance between the President and Rosen as possible.
Rosen herself set the bar for how such attacks as hers are to be judged: In 2008 she condemned such attacks on Michelle Obama. 
Democrats have been throwing up every deflection they can to keep voters's eyes off the record-high, worse-than-Carter gas prices, the sluggish economy, and scandals like Fast and Furious and Solyndra. With so many narratives in the air, they were bound to mess up the storyline. 

Loesch continues lying her butt off with this next post on Big Journalism:

The blowback from Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen's remarks against stay-at-home moms reached a fever pitch this morning, kicking the Obama campaign into massive damage control mode. Last night David Axelrod and Jim Messina threw Rosen under the bus--and this afternoon Michelle Obama joined them. 
If equality were the issue, the First Lady would not have gone on Dave Letterman's show (he never apologized for calling Palin a "slutty flight attendant"); the Obama Super PAC would have returned the $1 million from Bill Maher, who called Palin a "twat" on television and a "cunt" on stage. 

Dana, you and your surrogates on the right have lost, plain and simple.

According to Ryan Grim and Amanda Terkel at the Huffington Post, raising children is technically "work," but does NOT cover the work requirements.

WASHINGTON -- Ann Romney maybelieve that focusing exclusively on raising children counts as work, and the majority of A mericans may agree with her, but that's not how the federal government sees it.
As far as Uncle Sam is concerned, if you're poor, deciding to stay at home and rear your children is not an option. Thanks to welfare reform, recipients of federal benefits must prove to a caseworker that they have performed, over the course of a week, a certain number of hours of "work activity." That number changes from state to state, and each state has discretion as to how narrowly work is defined, but federal law lists 12 broad categories that are covered.
Raising children is not among them 
According to a 2006 Congressional Research Service report, the dozen activities that fulfill the work requirement are:
(1) unsubsidized employment
(2) subsidized private sector employment
(3) subsidized public sector employment
(4) work experience
(5) on-the-job training
(6) job search and job readiness assistance
(7) community services programs
(8) vocational educational training
(9) job skills training directly related to employment
(10) education directly related to employment (for those without a high school degree or equivalent)
(11) satisfactory attendance at a secondary school
(12) provision of child care to a participant of a community service program 
The only child-care related activity on the list is the last one, which would allow someone to care for someone else's child if that person were off volunteering. But lest beneficiaries get carried away with their charitable activity, it does not apply to married couples in some states. Connecticut, for instance, specifically prevents counting as "work" an instance in which one parent watches a child while the other parent volunteers.

Regardless of their political affiliations, raising children is an admirable thing.

Michelle Obama and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, both of whom that Loesch criticizes on a regular basis, have condemned Rosen's remarks.

UPDATE: Hilary Rosen will appear on CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer to discuss her apology to Ann Romney. And Rosen has more dignity than the Righties that are smearing her for telling the truth about Ann and Mitt Romney.

Loesch falsely trumpets the "Democrats have declared war on [conservative] mothers"

In her four blogposts tonight on on Big Journalism repeating the same garbage about baselessly accuses the Democratic Party of waging a war on women and moms," Dana Loesch digs an even deeper hole for herself.

In one of those blogposts, Loesch falsely accuses the "Dems of starting the 'War On Women' and the 'War on [conservative] Moms'."

Yes, there is something old-fashioned about the belief that a homemaker couldn't understand the complexity of the economics affecting her household. Rosen apparently subscribes to the Linda Hirschman worldview, one that posits women are only as valuable as their contributions outside the home, unrelated to children and family. Rearing up the next generation that will someday run the world is woefully under appreciated.  
From an overflow of the heart the mouth speaks and Rosen makes it clear that her prejudice against women who stay home stems from a lack of respect and appreciate for what those women do. If the goal of feminism is choice, Rosen betrays the mutual respect amongst members of the female sex by degrading the choices of other women. 

We know Loesch is lying off her patootie. But wait, there's more lies to come from her.

In yet another blogpost on Big Journalism, she misleads the readers into believing that the "Democrats hate stay-at-home moms," which is baloney.

Democrats fabricated this narrative and they and their surrogates continue to perpetuate it in the media. Women are only as valuable for as long as they can be used to corral votes -- nothing is more evident of this then by claiming the GOP is waging a "war on women" while simultaneously insulting women who choose to stay home

The War On Women is NOT fabricated by the Democratic Party at all. It's real, and the Republicans (including you, Ms. Loesch) are perpetrating the War on Women.

Hilary Rosen wrote the truth about Ann Romney in the Huffington Post:

My Twitter feed was on fire after an appearance last night on CNN's AC360, where I said that I thought it was wrong for Mitt Romney to be using his wife as his guide to women's economic struggles when she "had never worked a day in her life." Oh my, you should read the tweets and the hate mail I got after that. The accusations were flying. I don't know what it means to be a mom (I have 2 children). I obviously don't value the work that a mother does and how hard it is (the hardest job I have ever had); and I absolutely hate anyone who doesn't have the same views as I do (hate is a strong word).
Spare me the faux anger from the right who view the issue of women's rights and advancement as a way to score political points. When it comes to supporting policies that would actually help women, their silence has been deafening. I don't need lectures from the RNC on supporting women and fighting to increase opportunities for women; I've been doing it my whole career. If they want to attack me and distract the public's attention away from their nominee's woeful record, it just demonstrates how much they just don't get it.
Now let's be clear on one thing. I have no judgements about women who work outside the home vs. women who work in the home raising a family. I admire women who can stay home and raise their kids full-time. I even envy them sometimes. It is a wonderful luxury to have the choice. But let's stipulate that it is NOT a choice that most women have in America today.
I have nothing against Ann Romney. She seems like a nice lady who has raised nice boys, struggled with illness, and handles its long-term effects with grace and dignity. I admire her grit in talking about her illness publicly.
Rosen was criticized by certain members of the Obama 2012 campaign team for her comments.

In her fourth blogpost on this topic, she is now distorting what Rosen said:
Hilary Rosen doubled down on the Democrats "War On Moms" at the Huffington Post. Rosen can't seem to keep her narratives straight: Ann Romney is either an unintellectual homemaker too stupid to understand economics or a powerful force behind which Mitt Romney hides:
Women of America must ask Mitt Romney to come out from behind his wife's skirt and tell us working women in this country should trust his vision for their future.
Ann Romney wasn't speaking of working women alone, but the idea that Romney isn't a "working" women because her work is as a mother and homemaker is ludicrous. 
I'd ask why Rosen is ignoring President Obama's pay inequality in his own administration but then remind myself that she can't: Rosen works at the PR firm run by Obama's former communications director Anita DunnThe firm is heavily involved in the Obama campaign. It's her job to deflect from his failures. 
Rosen also rejects that any workplace inequality is the direct result of women's own choices, something studies already confirmed. It's an interesting position Rosen takes: she holds no regard for women's choices that don't match her own and she wants to blame men for those choices that women make.

Loesch has lost this war, bottom line.

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