On FNC's Fox and Friends to hawk her book, Dana Loesch says "gun control is the real war on women"

After a couple months hiatus from updating DanaBusted.Blogspot.com, we are back in business, and as usual, Dana Loesch is telling fibs to the national audience.

Today, while hawking her book Hands Off My Gun (which came out today) on Fox and Friends, Loesch was peddling lies to advance her gun fetishist agenda and also falsely claiming that "gun control is the real war on women."

Vegasjessie at Crooks and Liars:
She's just so pathetic to this condescending gun oil salesman and 2nd Amendment grifter, how could Schultz be so naive to think the DNC can defeat Koch money? Perhaps Loesch is right, but she wasn't on the curvy couch to forecast the midterms. She was still peddling her latest book, and like any good Republican, trying to fleece the public of every penny to promote the agenda of the NRA. 


It's very hard to compete with the liberally-minded society because Republicans don't know how to compete with progressive "pop culture." Republicans are "afraid to engage and don't know how to engage." Gee, we hardly noticed, Dana. You mean a KKK Teaparty gathering doesn't make for a good Hollywood plot?
The New York ruling on those denied their 2nd Amendment remedies is now a slippery slope to full disarmament of America. She believes there's a war on women when anyone's rights to own a gun are limited. She said that firearms are the ultimate equalizer, and she gave her height and weight, said she felt six foot two and 250 pounds, when she's got her "equalizer." She said we've always had the right to be armed, even before we had the right to vote.
Hey, Dana, aren't you the one that's instigating a war on women because of your anti-reproductive choice/anti-contraception/anti-birth control stances? 

From the 10.21.2014 edition of FNC's Fox and Friends:
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